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The king will be moving to Seattle home team name changed back to the Seattle supersonics

Posted Jan 30 2013 1:49am
NBA the Sacramento Kings boss brother worked with from Seattle consortium to reach an agreement, from the start of the season, the team at home will move to Seattle, team will change to "the Seattle supersonics". Nike Air Max 24/7 This comes from Seattle consortium, the hedge fund investors Chris Hansen and Microsoft CEO Steve ballmer composition. It is understood that the Kings always sells for $525 million, with $340 million from consortium worked hand brother bought a 65% stake in the team, the team DE facto control. Although agreement still have to wait a union official approval, but informed sources, and through the is only a matter of time. Once the league approval formally went into effect, means that has 55 years history of team king formally out of history stage, purplish blue shirt once magnificent, will always be in fans dusty. The continental United States northwest corner, the Seattle supersonics raised again, put on "new clothes" king, will begin to write another city legend. The king fans the most profound memory, is the beginning of the 21st century that a magnificent style of the teacher of the king, that belongs to the king's seabiscuit, as well as the memory of a generation."I'm here there are too many good memories." Speaking of the king, adelman affectionate leisurely. From 1998 to 2006, the old king eight years in A pointer in one hand, build up A perfect teacher. In 1998, Chris webber, "white chocolate" Williams and Yugoslavia "masters" vlade divac, SiTuoJiaKeWeiJi has joined the king, the king of the gas incipient clue. Although rick adelman not legion distinguished name handsome, is a master of the NBA's most creative. He advocates "Princeton system", players can play out characteristics of incisively and vividly, everyone is versatile, everyone can become Jones, the flowing fast is to let people feast for the eyes. Ken Griffey Max In the old fans eyes, "white chocolate" highly imaginative passing, "organization power forward" weber of inspiration, still let a person simply astounding. Soon, the king side began to gather a large number of fan, no matter be starting five tiger bench, whether it is the field and off the field, the team cheerful anacreontic feeling swept through the league. In 2001, mike bibby and "white chocolate" interchangeable, become the king a new member, soon defensive specialist Christie intake, the team offensive and defensive balance, the king began to gradually took to the team s peak. From the start of the 1998 season, the Kings continuous four season into the playoffs, and constantly refresh the team record. The 2001-2002 season, they to 61-21 negative all the league's best record into the playoffs. Unfortunately, in the western conference finals, the king set with the lakers seven games, and finally in the tie-break in overtime, six points out nurse a grievance. Therefore, the teacher of the magnificent start from top start falling. The 2004-2005 season, vlade divac first chose to leave, after the team internal friction with increasing intensity, with webber to be traded, adelman has gone away, the team began its long reconstruction. Ken Griffey Max 1 Today, the king is likely in the NBA map disappeared, many fans can't help dejected, "Kings bring me each regret and sorrow, have all become a lingering dream in my heart forever, this dream with me through my high school, through my love of basketball youth, with I walk through the life the most beautiful time, I will always remember, always support the king!"April 14, 2008, at the Seattle supersonics 99-95 victory over the Dallas mavericks, can accommodate 17000 people was key arena. "They all said it was the last game in Seattle, this is a special game." The fans cheer, let it was the rookie durant eye red. In 2006, the supersonic boss schultz the loss of the team, has been sold to Oklahoma businessman Bennett. The move to Seattle fans mounting public indignation, many people swear, if one day the Seattle to have the team, they no longer drink starbucks coffee (note: schultz is starbucks chairman of the board). Although fans finally failed to stop the team moved to ECheng, but they keep the team some silverware, it including supersonic only a championship. "One day, the NBA will once again return to Seattle!" Former supersonic legend Gary payton prophecy. Five years later, supersonic is raised, Seattle people get their way. "As a Seattle children, I always dreamed that one day it will once again have a NBA team." Playing for the celtics Jason terry said excitedly, "I can't wait to go home game, my heart is always belong here." Seattle people behind ecstasy, Sacramento is the subject of endless sorrow. In recent years because encumbered with debts, worked out brother found that team become the only source of cash. In 2011, the team be sold to California Anaheim business abortion, as earlier in Virginia beach for the team to establish the new stadium's plan to fail, they can only sell the team. In Sacramento, in addition to the Sacramento Kings, but no other professional team exist, the king's leave, the town people's influence is comprehensive. Nike Max Alpha 2012 Sacramento mayor Kevin Johnson in a recent statement, the phrase sternly warned Seattle fans: "you don't celebrate too early!" In order to keep the team, the former SUNS central defender mayor, made comprehensive solutions, and on the go, bosses, contact big merchants to match the Seattle the consortium's offer, however, this is easier said than done. As a Pacific center, Seattle is the Microsoft is headquartered, whether people, or the city's comprehensive strength, are not Sacramento can match. Objectively speaking, the king in Seattle "rebirthing" for the team, the long-term development, Seattle consortium profit is a win-win opportunities. "I'm disappointed Sacramento team lost, but compared with disappointment, I am more excited to see Seattle to have the NBA team." Supersonic he George Karl the truth.
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