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The GFCF Review Experience: We Can't Say It's Cheese Spreads by Wayfare Foods

Posted Mar 24 2010 9:42am
We discovered a new product recently that is actually made in Bozeman MT, about three hours from where I live. Wayfare Foods Inc. was founded by a family who were dairy farmers for generations, but found that they needed to eliminate dairy completely from their diet. So they developed this line of non-dairy items, called the "We Can't Say It's" product line. This includes four different types of dairy-free cheese spreads as well as dairy-free sour cream. We bought both the cheddar spread and the hickory-smoked cheddar spread.

Here is the first thing you need to know about these, something we didn't realize until after we tried them
They are not certified gluten free.

They are wheat free, but these are oatmeal-based products. Oats, as you all know, do not contain gluten, but are not considered gluten free (unless certified as such) due to cross-contamination. I have seen other reviews where these products were given to gluten-sensitive people without a reaction, and my children did not seem to show any negative effects from eating them. Then again, they did not have significant quantities at any one time.

Most dairy-free cheddar cheese products we have tried in the past have been soundly rejected due to significant after-taste. This cheddar cheese spread also to me had an after taste - when you ate it by the spoonful. And this after taste was not nearly as significant as found in soy-based cheddar cheeses and was quite tolerable. The hickory smoked (which only I tried) is quite strong in flavor; not a bad thing, but knowing how my kids don't like things with strong flavors I didn't let them try it. Quite frankly, I thought the flavor was quite good.

For our children, I used the cheddar cheese spread simply to add a little extra flavor to a couple of dishes we made. I spread a thin layer on the rice tortillas we used to make chicken and veggie quesadillas , and I also spread it on the lasagna noodles when we made lasagna this past weekend. As part of a larger dish, any after taste was minimized and the spread added another layer of flavor that was not overpowering and enhanced the dishes made. The kids really enjoyed both dishes.

I guess in summary, as a dairy-free item, the two spreads are quite good and are some of the best dairy-free cheeses we've tried. But of course, this is not a certified gluten free item. We personally will not buy them again for this reason - yes, our children seemed to have no reaction to them, but we exposed them to only limited quantities and don't want to risk making them more a part of their diet. That being said, if you are gluten sensitive, you may be able to eat them depending on your sensitivity.

And if you are only dairy free, definitely give these a try. They are available in retail outlets in a limited number of states , or you can buy them on line from Vegan Essentials or Cosmos Vegan Shoppe

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