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The GFCF Review Experience - Cherrybrook Kitchen Gluten Free Dreams Chocolate Cake Mix

Posted Dec 28 2009 7:22am
I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday!

This past weekend, we took a break from baking from scratch and instead tried a new cake mix we discovered recently. Cherrybrook Kitchen calls itself "The sweet solution for food allergies." They sell a wide variety of baking products from pancake mixes to cake mixes to frosting, all of which are dairy free, nut free, and egg free. While they do sell some products containing gluten, they also have a selection of gluten free products, and all gluten free products are manufactured using strict protocols and tested for the presence of gluten. Products are also tested for the presence of dairy, nuts, or eggs.

Cherrybrook Kitchen products are found in many natural food stores and larger grocery chains in the US - not sure internationally. You can order products directly from the manufacturer, and also from (in bulk packages of 6). Retail prices from the manufacturer is $4.46 per box; with Amazon, the price is $25.85 (or about $4.30 per box) and eligible for free shipping.

The product we tried was the Gluten Free Dreams chocolate cake mix.

Potato Starch
Evaporated Cane Juice
Natural Cocoa Powder (imported from Belgium)
White Rice Flour
Tapioca Starch
Granulated Brown Sugar
GF Baking Soda
Xanthan Gum
Sea Salt

To make one 9" round cake (or 8" x 8" square cake), just combine the mix with water, vegetable oil, and GF vanilla, and bake at 350° for 25 - 30 minutes.

As you can see, since this is a cake mix, it comes together really easy. The cake itself is very moist and holds together well. I personally could taste a little bit of the rice flour, but that was more than compensated by the dark chocolate flavor. The kids absolutely loved it, to the point where they were fighting over who would get to scrape the bottom of the cake pan! As a comparison, we have also tried one of the Betty Crocker gluten free mixes, and I personally preferred the Cherrybrook Kitchen mix for both flavor and texture.

While nothing beats a made from scratch cake, the Cherrybrook Kitchen chocolate cake mix is great to have around if you need a quick dessert or a quick chocolate fix. I am looking forward to trying the rest of their product line.

Have any of you tried it? Please leave a comment and let me know what you think!

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