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The GFCF Recipe Review Experience: GFCF Yeast Free Bread from Gluten Free in the Country

Posted Dec 23 2008 9:15pm
One of the challenges of the GFCF diet in our household is sandwich bread. Now there are plenty of GFCF sandwich breads out there, and plenty of GFCF sandwich bread recipes as well. The problem is that we are, by choice, yeast free ( YF ) too, and, of course, most sandwich breads have yeast. And the GFCFYFsandwich breads available at our local store are quite expensive.

Friend Carrie aka The Ginger Lemon Girl, knew of our dilemma and last week sent me a link to a GFCFYF bread recipe posted by Debbie at Gluten Free in the Country. Carrie described this bread as AWESOME, and said that it can even be cut for sandwiches. Definitely worth giving a try.

Well, yesterday, try we did. Here is a link to Debbie's recipe.

The only change we made was to use 2 cups of Bob's Red Mill GFCF all-purpose flour in place of the rice flour and the tapioca starch. It takes less than 10 minutes to prepare, then we baked for about 50 minutes at 350 (mind you, we are on the cusp of altitude adjustments - I would start checking after 40 - 45 minutes of baking time).

We ended up with a beautiful loaf of bread which is exactly as Carrie described - AWESOME! A little bit of crust gave way to a soft inside. But what's most important is that we were able to slice it thin for sandwiches without it crumbling! We enjoyed the bread with a little butter for both lunch and dinner yesterday, and this morning, I am thinking of letting my kids enjoy french toast for the first time ever. And a fresh loaf will be made tonight so the kids can have sandwiches in their school lunches tomorrow.

One of my personal beliefs is that in order to successfully implement the GFCF diet with children, you need to, as much as possible, replicate what other children are having, so your kids do not feel like they are missing anything or are being left out. If our kids are going to a pizza party, no problem - we can make a fairly good GFCFYF pizza. Cake or cookies - same thing - we can easily make a good substitute. But sandwiches have always been an issue, especially when other kids are have them at school, and the best we can do is send them lunch meat. But no more. Now they can have sandwiches too.

I'd estimate that it cost about $3.00 to make this loaf of bread, which is about half the price of the GFCFYF loaves found at our local store. Well worth it.

Great recipe, Debbie. Thanks for posting it and sharing it with everyone. And thank you, Carrie, for looking out for me and thinking of us when you saw it.

A friend indeed.

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