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The fishing skill in Runescape was released on 11 June 2001

Posted Apr 17 2013 3:40am

 The fishing skill in Runescape was released on 11 June 2001, along with Karamja and the Pirate's Treasure quest. It was part of a large update that complemented the Cooking skill. This update added many of the fish that are currently found in free-to-play, cheap rs gold including shrimp, salmon, and lobster. In addition to the fishing spots on Karamja, spots in Draynor Village and Port Sarim were added.Fishing lets players catch fish from fishing spots.

Caught fishes may be cooked and are often sold to other players because of their ability to heal Life Points. When a player has achieved level 99 in Fishing, they may purchase a Fishing cape from the Master Fisher inside the Fishing Guild for 99,000 coins.The current minimum requirement to be ranked (at approximately rank 598,466) on the hiscores for Fishing is level 15. As of 27 December 2012, there are 59,420 current members that have achieved level 99 in Fishing.

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