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The financiers appeal that we should reflect on the store was the root of the exploitation, and actively adjust configuration

Posted Oct 20 2012 3:59am

Almost overnight, the United States sovereign credit rating was  Cheap Beats By Dre  standard &poor's from "AAA" cut "AA +", rating prospect for "negative". This is the world's largest economy U.S. bonds, credit first fall from the top, more by public opinion is that since the 1940 s the world rating history one of the most influential events.

As America's largest creditor country, China the effects of self-evident. But this influence exactly is positive or negative, the industry has a dispute. Some people think that this is an opportunity, but others said was a disaster.

Pessimistic and full-blown panic

The American sovereign credit rating was cut, but the first time in history, the loss of 3 a rating, and means that in the next 12 to 18 months of the sovereign credit could still further points. Although Obama again and again for the sovereign credit "guarantee", says "no matter what, some agencies say we have been, and will continue to be a 3 a country." But global investors seemed to take are not buy it, the market panic a piece of, the global stock market on August 8, the collective "diving".

In the storm center the United States, 8, the dow Jones industrial average index fell 634.76 points, or 5.55%; The nasdaq composite index fell 6.9%, Standard &poor's 500 index dropped 6.66%. European stock markets also is  Cheap Beats By Dre  bold and flowing, the European Frankfurt DAX index fell more than 5%, the London financial times index fell 3.4%, Paris CAC40 index fell 4.7%. China's stock market also failed to possess, the Shanghai composite index fell nearly points. The United States credit rating was cut makes the world economy the worst factors are presented out, simmering outbreak of pessimism. As galaxy securities chief economist ZuoXiaoLei to the news of the world reporter said: "the financial market reaction, emotional things more."

After 1 day after the adjustment, the global stock market in 10 head back picks up, recover some of their lost ground. Beautiful strands of the dow Jones index rose 430 points, or 3.98%, Britain, France, the stock market are made by green turn red, early disc asia-pacific stock market also are retaliatory rise opening, the main stock index rose more than 1%. Panic slump after the global stock market, it seems that is expected to usher in breathing opportunity.
August 5,, the world one of three big rating agency standard &poor's will America's sovereign credit rating from originally of highest AAA down to AA +. S&p action in its history is the first of its kind. S&p said, degradation mainly because of fears that the us was growing debt burden and the political risk. Previously, the three major international rating agencies, fitch ratings two of the company and moody's investors service have been at the 2nd has announced that, to maintain American 3 a sovereign credit rating unchanged, only the prospect as "negative".

Around international rating agencies in the United States recently sovereign credit rating, the international public opinion comment in succession. Analytic personage points out, the international rating agencies for a long time can't objective reveals us national credit risk, become beautiful debt crisis of the booster.

Mark deep layer surprise attack

This is since the 1917 years since the birth of the rating agencies, the us Treasury credit rating for the first time by a reduction in. This means that the current long-term national debt credit  Cheap Beats By Dre  level lower than Britain, Germany, France, Canada and other developed countries. And, the personage inside course of study forecast in the next two years, the United States credit rating may be cut again.

The s&p was in 1941 to give the United States AAA letter of evaluation. According to the cable news network (CNN) report, for months the s&p has been brewing cut American debt rating. On July 14,, the s&p has warned of a possible downgrade American debt rating. 5 days afternoon, scale deep layer with written documents to the White House says, the company is considering a reduction in the United States sovereign credit rating. But the United States Treasury officials accused s&p data "have significant error," warned the United States not to relegation. However, a few hours later, the s&p was officially announced that the United States will sovereign credit rating from AAA reduction for AA +. The White House eventually failed to persuade the s&p, its practice were unhappy.

To this, the standard &poor's senior management staff said, the us Treasury should not be regarded as one of the world's most safe investment. Because Washington recently concluded budget agreement in dealing with the financial condition of the long-term dim situation to barely enough.

Rating can ruin a country

The purpose of the credit rating is to show the size of the rating object default risk, to provide the  beats by dre cheap  reference for investors. AAA rating is the highest rating, means that the probability of default is extremely low. Credit rating agencies to market influence, from "the world is flat" author, "New York times columnist friedman to moody's describe evidenced in:" we live in two superpower of the world, one is the United States, is a moody. The United States can use a bomb to destroy a country, moody can use bond degradation destroy a country ".

2010 the end of April, s&p will Greek sovereign debt rating one-time cut level 3 to BB + rubbish stage, at the same time cut Portugal, Spain's rating. Moody's and then say Greek crisis may have spread to the European nations. At that time, the whole Europe was debt crisis haze covered. Up to now, along with three major rating agencies constantly cut European countries debt rating and prospects for the future, the European remain Mired in debt crisis.

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