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The Development of Science and Technology will be more competitive in 2013

Posted Dec 30 2012 9:57am

Previously, we have introduced the resentment between Amazon and Apple, at the end of the year, "the Wall Street journal" put the science and technology four Giants: Apple, Google, Amazon, Facebook together, analysis of how they access to the other's market, where possible the focus of game next year.

Notably, Google is front the longest, most products, the company with the most opponents, in almost every field. It has his giant opponent. It also shows the Google Internet data king status.

The two software giant of Google and Amazon interest lies in the enhancement of the hardware business, so as to enhance the customer loyalty, for the software and software service for manufacturing revenue control. This situation exacerbated the competition between them with Apple. Apple responded that, to develop their own software, making the device more outstanding.

Google had purchased Motorola mobile to use $12500000000, Google plans to use the mobile phone manufacturers to introduce new Android devices, to challenge the dominant position of Apple iPhone. The Amazon has by virtue of Kindle Fire in flat war to up the ante, at this time, it is also test your mobile phone.

At the same time, the four companies have put the search business as to keep consumers from consumers important profit opportunities. Although Google type in the search box to search the content search patterns has been very popular over the years, now, Google rivals try to through the intelligent mobile phone devices such as mobile search, and allow a friend recommended search service to weaken the search giant's leading position.

Apple for the introduction of Siri, the iPhone or iPad main screen voice service can answer questions about the weather and sports results and other issues. Apple next year will continue to search for new data, to make the service more powerful, able to answer more questions.

Facebook chief executive Zuckerberg in September of this year a meeting repeatedly referred to by friends to provide useful searches for answers to many of the ways. He said, the Future Ltd will enhance the search ability.

In addition, from the electronic commerce to the online advertising business, the four companies also have intersection in other areas. Research firm Opus Research senior analyst Sterling said, they are in each other's market, which to some extent is a turf war process, they are attracted to application development, because these people can really make their services popular.

In 2013, Apple has to prove that they have the ability to hold territory. According to the data of IDC, the third quarter of this year, Apple in the global intelligent mobile phone shipments in the share had fallen to 15%, the first quarter is 23% in this year.

Apple also launched iPhone 5 this year, iPhone 5 was also popular with customers, we can also see that many manufacturers provide all kinds of best cases for iphone 5 with iPhone fans.

Android Tablet also seize the iPad positions, in order to protect sites, Apple has recently launched a cheaper computer iPad Mini and also launched best cases for ipad mini to appeal fans , on the market and many smaller sized flat equipment competition. Apple had become the American history the company with the highest market value this year.

But the defense is not enough. To see Apple will attack from what aspects, also must have a look in people's living room. Apple CEO Cook has stressed the Apple has "strong interest" on TV business, but Apple has been testing high-definition televisions, set-top box and with Cable Tv Co to discuss cooperation matters.

Next year the "prime time" Apple has no things to sell is unclear. An apple spokesman said, the company not to discuss future products and planning.

Search and Siri will be another attack area. In March this year field map suffered defeat, apple is continuing to invest Siri that allows the user to view the game results and other information of mobile voice assistant service. Earlier this year, apple dug Amazon executives star search stass josiah.

Google entered into new territory this year, not only with the main rivals meet on a narrow path, with the Cable Tv Co and wireless carriers in a head-on collision.

The next year, the Internet search giant will make further efforts to control their own destiny, to ensure that the search engine, YouTube video sites and Google purse (Google Wallet ) and other new services in the contact process of consumers because of poor speed blocked, not by competitor shield.

At the same time, Google also took defensive action, hope it can attack in network field main rivals Amason and Facebook. Google has already in cooperation with a retail business competition, to help them through the Google search engine to reach consumers. Google will also expected to help retailers to online shopping consumers with same day delivery service in the next year. In order to counter Facebook, Google urged its search engine, Gmail services such as user registration Google+.

Competition in science and technology executives want to know, whether Facebook or when it will enter the hardware business. Zuckerberg has publicly denied the rumor, saying that the company did not intend to develop the Facebook mobile phone, and that the move is the wrong strategy. But people close to Facebook,

Facebook has the same HTC mobile phone mobile phone manufacturers in close cooperation design.

A Facebook supported by the mobile phone will help the company to promote its wide range of applications, from the user and collect more data. Facebook mobile phone may piggyback modified Google Android mobile phone operating system.

Facebook is expected to accelerate its search business next year. This month the company announced a new mobile function, to help users according to friends and the wider social networks found nearby businesses.

For Facebook, the importance of electronic business will rise, company is building recently introduced gift ( Gifts ) business. The electronic commerce platform on the Amazon posed a threat, especially in the Facebook more retail partners case.

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