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The Definition of Maternity Dress

Posted Nov 26 2012 9:15am

In General, after pregnant woman has 5 months pregnancy, the uplift of the abdomen, chest, waist circumference, hip circumference increase obviously and a well shaped body, in this time wearing maternity clothes are the most appropriate. So early in pregnancy, pregnant women need only wear something light and airy clothes. When you want to buy also varies from person to person, prematurely put on wider maternity clothes will only make people more bloated. Don't buy things all at once. Buy maternity clothes need to take into account the needs of development. Pregnant requires a different type of clothing, while also taking into account the needs of season.

Coat standards: material should be soft, style simple loose upper limb and activities freely after wearing. Shirts cannot be bound or oppression of the chest and abdomen, good for fetal growth. Mother's breath to chest breathing and breathing deep. Starting from early pregnancy, mothers breasts increase, begin preparing for breastfeeding. Medical alert: resistance reducing of mothers during pregnancy, easier to cold, you need to keep warm. Due to the oppression of fetus urinary bladder wall, coupled with increased fluid and food intake, frequency of toilet during pregnancy is also one or two times higher than usual. Frequently solved and fastened a number button will cause inconvenience to the action.

Tip: bra sizes increase gradually; select the long coat is better. It is best not to wear union clothing. Pants standard: fall/winter season it's best to wear long trousers, leggings regardless of what season are inappropriate; overalls instead of Girdles, is one of trousers that the many mothers like. When 5 months pregnant, the vast majority of mothers belly bulge, common style of pants will obviously tight, pressure on the abdomen, feeling is very uncomfortable, the fetus is not good. Overalls not trousers, avoiding this problem; also visually modified ever-bloated body. Medical alert: placental blood circulation must be guaranteed unhindered during pregnancy, pregnancy can be normal, to the health and development of fetus. Tie waist, abdomen, caused by overhanging belly, causing fetal position is not straight, can cause serious complications. What is more, more and more mother in order to protect their child, they like to wear anti radiation clothes more.

During pregnancy, mothers’ vagina appears congestion, secretions. Summer is hot, bacteria grows fastest, pruritus, high incidence of skin diseases such as eczema, Folliculitis. Tips: pants are not causes of fetus grow too large, excessive eating, a small amount of exercise are the main causes of the fetus is too large. Therefore, some mothers must be got rid of wear leggings habit. Pregnancy's body will naturally look bloated, in others ' eyes, this is very normal, they do not need to beauty spot in the belly of the baby, as long as at the end of pregnancy postpartum body recovery after exercise, your body will be back soon. Most simple of select is a article fit of Black wool trousers, it both can in official occasions wearing, and suitable leisure wearing, and good warm performance; also has light of knitting long skirt distribution and also suit of high led sweater, which is good of combination; pregnant women loaded of pants and we usually of pants just instead: low wait and high in before, such design of benefits is protection has abdominal, and can avoid off pants of dangerous; it of another advantage is has "telescopic sexual", that "charge" waist of strap can long can short, Pregnant women according to the degree of abdominal uplift adjustment trousers size, its high from early pregnancy through to birth, is the more economical choice.

Dress standard: in spring and summer season, casual maternity dresses are more appropriate. Standard socks: MOM's socks, both short and long socks, socks are not too tight, especially late in the pregnancy. Tight is not wearing, it can affect fetal development; socks can't have been too tight, this will impede the blood circulation of the foot, leading to swelling. A number of colourful hand-woven cotton socks, warm feet, but also for walking holidays. If you are neither hot nor cold season, should to be equipped with a pair of elastic stockings, stretch hose to eliminate fatigue, prevent ankle swelling and varicose veins. Medical alert: during pregnancy, due to the compression of the uterus, lower extremity venous pressure increased significantly, venous wall relaxation, mother prone to varicose veins of the lower extremities, genitalia or haemorrhoids. Pregnancy medium-term, some mothers start leg swollen swollen feet. Tip: If the roots appear highlighted in the leg "vein" and accompanied by local swelling, obvious swelling of ankle, press a handprint, mostly because socks are too tight. Quickly took to the streets to buy their own comfortable cotton socks perspire all over it.

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