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The d rose 1.5 world ought to give us more love

Posted Oct 15 2012 6:20am
This friendship is jumping wings, but it itself will bear the heavy obstacles when humanity in easily, therefore, it is also easily own purified human also purify yourself. The result should be a two-phase satisfactorily: humanity in the most profound way to enjoy the friendship, friendship most fully realized.Now, even if we have a lot of friendship, it is also still incomplete, because our own crippled. The d rose 1.5 world ought to give us more love, we are supposed to love in the world, this is a cautiously hoping for the youth, to the autumn of life, is still a cautiously hoping for. However, the fall, after all, is the fall, life has been withstand frost, hoping for has been sprinkled with cold dew friendship desire CHENYU the Maple, but has also started falling.

The life passage next quarter will be stronger than wisdom fraternity, Pok Oi stronger than wisdom? Today or tender soul will be issued much friendship signal turn received little friendship moisture? This is an almost fatalistic problem can not rush to answer completely. Autumn, only I wish to pray for us. The hearts of the wind blowing, cheap nike lebron 9 elite a little chilly.Remembered one of my distant friend write a skit: two ants meet, just each other to touch the tentacles on climbing in the opposite direction. Long after the climb suddenly regretted, so that the majority of the time and space, the Body so tiny similar chance encounter, "but we actually did not hug each other." Should no longer have this regret. But with the new development of the universe, we build more small, and when, but also ran into a few can touch the tentacles of ants?
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