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The bug that kissed me goodnightâ?¦

Posted Aug 14 2009 1:57am
Now I know who’s the little guy who knocked me out…it’s the kissing bug! I kept on thinking what’s this bug’s name is. I saw this bug right after I woke up that unfortunate night and I flat it out using my sandal and blood splattered out on the wall.

I repeatedly described it to my friends and relatives but they don’t know its name until I came across one article today that mentioned it and alas! I searched it in Wikipedia and this one hell of a bug is known as the kissing bug…yeah its right and the name really described it well. It will suck the living blood in you when your asleep and you’ll never noticed it until you wake up and you’ll felt itchy because like mosquito, you’ll never know your bitten until you feel the itch.

And from what I’ve researched, the infection caused my eyelid to swell like a golf ball, together with my left hand and several parts of my body.

Fortunately, I didn’t experience the disease that is exclusively on Central and South Americans, which is the Chagas Disease that this bug from hell brought. It swept havoc in several Central and South American countries and caused so many fatalities by the simple bite that caused infection. But it will not hurt me if I look for treatment in case.

Well, I just hope that it’s the last time that I’ll encounter this little fella.

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