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The all-star game popular this year "bids"

Posted Feb 19 2013 6:59am
1, stern will retire, this means that silva will be in the next carry all star banner. Next, things will be to silva President. Like the American media said, for all star, silva and a lot of room for improvement, because stern created this one has been a long age, the audience began to aesthetic fatigue. Since 1984, Cheap Lebron 9 officially join the NBA all-star weekend after 30 years, dunk contest rules after several changes, in recent years, when the event itself gradually lose attraction, the league after many times by adjusting the game rules to save the fans. Meanwhile, with "revolutionary" a change appeared in 2008, that year, league rules, the fans directly determine the last league title, the judges only determine the final player's power. Four years later, the NBA announced again new rules, the 2012 NBA Slam Dunk contest just round, every name players will have three dunks performance opportunities, all the players complete three dunks, the race was over, and then by the fans rating, decided to final ranking and the league title.This year's game dunk, last year was "cancel" to return to the NBA scoring, Clyde drexler, dikembe mutombo, hakeem Lebron 9 Shoes olajuwon, Rudy tomjanovich, yao Ming in the history of the five important figures in the history of the judges of the highest group. In addition, this year's dunk contest also introduced the competition mechanism. The first round of each participant will complete two dunks action, the judges score. The first dunk is east three players to show, then three players on the west. The second dunk is so order. The eastern three players total score will be and the west three players total score comparison, scoring high party get fifty points reward points. The east and west in the first round of the dunk the highest scores players will enter the final competition "KouLanWang". According to the new rules, if the total score in the first round draw comparison, then each May 25 points. If the first round for the finals when players share, then through the add button to decide the promotion; In the final if two players each get 50% of the vote, it will be through the add button decided to the Cheap Lebron X Shoes league title, when will the judges decide by scoring champion. Even so, also can't change to dunk contest players fame more and more small fact, Jordan, Clyde drexler, Wilkins and star to participate in dunk the day has gone, a famous players in avoiding competition, break an appointment times of James has said never to Slam Dunk contest. To this, the United States columnist huo ling complained, "though in the past few years the dunk contest not classic, but at least Dwight Howard this joke big king, now?" Stern said, "we understand players mood. It is very normal, in more and more players want to win at the same time, more and more people fear of failure, this is reality. Cheap Lebron 10 Shoes The future or in overseas hold on the stern global expansion of the grand blueprint, the United States NBA professional sports overseas promotion classic case. In recent years, in the global NBA spare no effort to carry out various forms of development action, from the establishment of regional office outside the United States, the construction of sports facilities, to support different countries all kinds of charity activities, the development characteristics of the NBA basketball project, NBA fans around the world, all countries rising number of media for the NBA's concern also is not what it was, the NBA is not only limited to the brand. The NBA overseas expansion in the all-star weekend also reflected. According to Forbes statistics show that Houston all-star weekend, a total of 46 countries from 312 international media reporter to interview reports. In order to meet the all-star game global television broadcast, total NBA use fifty cameras, video editing real-time transmission to the countries of different media. Bought the all-star weekend video resources the country up to 88. In addition, the all-star weekend in the worldwide spread depth, also have further development.
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