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Ten Reasons For Apple to Launch iPhone 5S in the Summer

Posted Apr 05 2013 8:22am

On April 5, according to eWeek Web site published an analysis article said, Apple is planning to launch iPhone 5S in the summer. But Apple has not confirmed this information. Apple iPhone 5S anticipated that there is only slightly improved for iPhone 5, including better processors, improved cameras and the same design.

About iPhone 5S is the most important consideration that when it will be launched. The phone that gives some of the most impressive is comparable with Android phone currently.

This iPhone 5S will compete with new BlackBerry10 phones, and other devices running Windows Phone operating system. In other words, the iPhone 5S will face fierce competition. Apple must be taken into account at the appropriate time to launch the phone in order to achieve maximum success.

Therefore, summer 2013 is Apple's best release window, it has the best opportunity to maximize sales. Here is 10 reasons are that may be launched this summer for iPhone 5S.

1. Samsung Galaxy S4 is a huge threat

Samsung Galaxy S4 will be the greatest threat to any iPhone that Apple has launched so far. The 5 inch screen of Samsung Galaxy S4 is much larger than the screen of the iPhone 5, it has a better processor and greatly improved the camera. Apple needs to launched the iPhone that better than iPhone 5 as soon as possible, otherwise, compared with the Galaxy S4 phones, iPhone 5 will become obsolete.

2. the timing seemed to be right

The launch time of iPhone 5S seemed to be right in this summer. Apple has just launched iPhone 5 a few months ago. However, it is a major upgrade. IPhone 5S were purchased for last year iPhone 5 people with a slightly upgraded products. If Apple is targeting sales of late, as launch iPhone 5S is meaningful. Apple iPhone 5S, most people are looking forward to the new iPhone cases, just like the cute iPhone 5 Cases. Of course, most accessories suppliers are ready for this, for example, iCase-Zone, if you buy iPhone cases here, you can enjoy the cheap iPhone cases 5 free shipping.

3. launch the iPhone 5S after iOS 7

Apple's iOS 7 may be the best reason to launch iPhone 5S this summer. In recent years, Apple has launched the latest operating system during the summer. Therefore, the launch of Smartphone is very significant at this time. However, the rumored iOS 7 was postponed, therefore iPhone 5S may have launched without iOS 7.

4. iPhone 5S does not have to be an important upgrade

Apple iPhone 5S does not have to be an important upgrade product. This phone is only reinforced internal components. However, those who want to greatly improve the performance of people will be disappointed. IPhone 5S not need to fully upgrade the product in advance stages of production, thereby making it easier for Apple launched the iPhone5S in this summer.

5. operators need it

Carriers rush to own store this summer introduced the latest iPhone. From the perspective of history, is a technology company's most difficult time in the summer. New iPhone sales will help the United States four major carriers to increase revenue. If the operator taking his own way, iPhone 5S will certainly show up in June or July.

6. the introduction of new products has been successful in summer

The new product for Apple has been successful in the summer. Apple launched the iPhone in the summer that caused a stir, in subsequent years, Apple has to do. Apple launches new iPhone every time, which has been a success. Apple launched the iPhone is successful wherever. However, users expect Apple to launch iPhone in summer. Apple is wise to maintain this consistency.

7. to save time at the end of the launch products to international markets

Summer in the United States and other key markets is one of the benefits of iPhone 5S give Apple ample time after summer into other key markets such products. Apple was forced to hastily to the global market last year launched the iPhone 5. The launch of iPhone 5S will limit these problems sooner.

8. the performance gap

Currently Apple performance gap with its competitor in the Smartphone market is huge. Samsung, HTC and other companies are providing similar to the iPhone 5 or more advanced products. Users will see this soon and questioned on why they chose Apple products. Eliminating the performance gap is very important for Apple now.

9. taking into account the margins

Apple offers a slightly upgraded product benefits can help Apple to maximize profitability. Save internal component costs, Apple iPhone 5S is significantly lower than the cost of redesigning the product. This means that Apple will have higher margins and improved earnings. Who is unwilling to the profits made as soon as possible.

10. the rumors that Apple will do this

Apple's troubles were rumors around Apple everywhere. When reputable sources published these rumors, users believe the projected deadline. Rumor factories widely forecast for Apple iPhone 5S will be introduced this summer. Therefore, Apple must do so, otherwise Apple will have some type of unpredictable delays.

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