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Systemic reactions to allergen immunotherapy

Posted Aug 12 2010 12:00am
Systemic reactions of allergen immunotherapy is a topic of great importance in our field.  I have been compelled to write about this topic because of my team leader nurse Erin.  Systemic reactions can be simply understood as a reaction to immunotherapy that occurs more than 5 cm beyond the local area where the allergen immunotherapy injection was given.  Until recently, the definition and grading of severity has not been well standardized.  A Task Force of the AAAAI/ACAAI proposed a draft of recommendations, that was published in March of 2010.  I read them and agree with them.  Even more instructive were the comments that have been sent it to the publisher's webpage .  Once the final guidelines are endorsed by the member societies, I plan to have our operations reviewed to make sure we have minimized the chances of a systemic reaction.  Generally immunotherapy has become safer with time .  The published abstract of this article is on PubMed here .
My practice has been both fortunate and careful, in that I have had no fatalities related to immunotherapy since I began practicing allergy in 1991.  This is a start on this difficult topic.
Your Allergy Dude
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