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swollen lower eyelid and itchy eyes

Posted by fishtail92

the night before my left eye was itchy and i rubbed it. before going to bed, i notice some swelling(like there's water inside it) in my eye. the next day when i woke up the swelling was gone but my left eye was red and itchy while my right eye begin to itch. today when i woke up, the redness was gone but both of my eyes were itching and i got swollen, itchy lower eyelids.(but it's not dry or flaky) i scratched it and it became itchier while swelling like a mosquito bite. i'm also having a runny nose and a cough(the dry type). please help me. thanks
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Please I need an answer

If tearing or watering is present and you are not emotionally distressed, allergy or injury is the probable cause. Hay fever, otherwise known as allergic rhinitis, is a common cause. The condition would also be accompanied by sneezing and a runny nose.

An allergic reaction to mascara or other eye makeup could be the problem. If the area is read, as well as swollen, your makeup could be to blame. This type of reaction would not necessarily cause the eye itself to water.

Is the puffiness in only one eye? If so, then an injury, rather than an allergy, is the most likely cause. The injury could be as simple as sleeping on that side of your face. You could have rubbed your eye in your sleep. It could even be a symptom of sensitivity to the material your pillowcase is made from.

Sun Damage can cause Eye Disorders

Scientific evidence has proved that ultraviolet rays can cause damaged to your eyes, The long term effects can lead to Blurred vision, vision impaired, head aches and in some worse cases vision loss.

It's important to cover your eyes with sunglasses that protects you from the UV's rays, even in reflection UV's rays passes it. Ultraviolet Radiation is invisible and over exposure has shown the risks of developing age-related muscular degeneration. Retinal diseases are the leading cause for blindness and unlike your skin the results are irreversible.
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