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Sweet and Spicy

Posted Sep 03 2009 10:54am
First of all, let me apologize for the picture above. I had to take it with my Mac because there isn’t one single working battery in the house for the camera. There must be a battery burglar around here because I swear I just bought a ridiculously large quantity of batteries last month. What I never noticed before today is that my Photo-booth program reverses images. So the above is supposed to be a picture of SueBee Honey, not eeBueS yenoH.

The point of all this (stop winding the clock and tell the time already) is that it’s safe!! I emailed the company and asked;

“My child has food allergies to peanut, tree nut, sesame and soy. Is there a possibility for any of these products to be in your Sue Bee Clover Honey 12 oz Bear bottles through cross contamination , shared lines or shared facilities. Thank you,?Krista A”

Here is their lovely response;

“We are a cooperative for American beekeepers and only process and sell 100% pure honey. Honey is not associated with any of the mentioned food allergens and since we only pack honey, cross contamination is not an issue either.”

This is extra sweet (pun totally intended) for us because we love honey in our house. We use it to replace sugar in baked goods (be sure to reduce the liquid in the recipe and decrease the baking temperature by 25 degrees if you do this), sweeten tea and salad dressing and my favorite is straight off the spoon.

I also called McCormick about their spices again. I’ve called in the past about peanut and tree nut but with soy and sesame being a new issue, I decided to call again.

The customer service rep was great and she told me that they label for soy (being that it is a top eight) but that they also label for sesame. I love McCormick. I think a lot of manufacturing facilities could learn from their labeling practices. It’s not rocket science, it’s knowing what’s in the food they’re selling!

The “funny” part of this story is that I was calling about a sloppy joe mix I wanted to use. I was in a hurry to get dinner on the table last night so I got out the sloppy joe powder mix, browned the ground turkey, added the tomato sauce, simmered it, put it on the table and it was horrible. It was really bland. We put mustard, worcestershire sauce, salt and pepper on it and it was still bad. So I got up to look at the ingredients listed on the spice packet, to try to figure out why it’s so bland. I pick up the packet...and it was full. I never added the spices.

Hubby and the little guy thought this was just hilarious. I, on the other hand, think it goes to prove that I’m over worked and under paid. So, I vote that in our house Wednesday nights are now and will forever be boy’s night to cook. All in favor say aye - AYE. Opposed? No-one?? Alright then, the Aye’s have it and Wednesday is mom’s day off!

Yea me!

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