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Survey said optimist easy drinking adverse health the pessimist or easier to do

Posted Oct 24 2012 7:41am

"If you think you always win, that you only will be  Cheap Beats By Dre  disappointed. If you carefully, and do the things to do, he accidentally get positive results." Britain's most famous horse race trainers NAT said, he more believe that pessimistic. Recently, a British media reports about the pessimistic character advantage of a series of research. Research shows that the pessimistic point can not only save for a rainy day, which is beneficial to make the right decision, still can adapt to difficult environment.

An optimist sees an opportunity easy drinking adverse health

Recently a UK research let pessimists more pessimistic: older than the pessimist optimist life short 10 years or so. The study is the age longitudinal study group through the survey of more than 10000 old man found after.

But the  Cheap Beats By Dre  British media reports, after a large number of studies show that, the personality is not all pessimistic for negative effects, in many ways, pessimists have optimist is instead of advantage.

According to British media reports, researchers from the university of California has made an investigation that personality optimistic person is not better than the pessimist more healthy.

They begin from 1922 is tracking 1216 children's life, the results showed that these children to adulthood, the personality is bright optimistic than those melancholy pessimistic people die early.

Because, this is, the optimistic grew up easy drinking, smoking and adventure. The researchers explained: "optimistic character hindered the judgment of the people, so that they despised dangerous."

The researchers  beats by dre outlet  conclude: "although optimism in people face short-term crisis has positive influence, but its long-term effect more complex." The study published in 2002 of the personality and social behavior magazine.

"Defensive pessimism to help achieve the goal

In 2007, an Australian study proves that the pessimist easier to make the right decision. The study let the participants through a series of intelligence test, the results showed that the pessimist than optimists score to high.

Responsible for the study of Leeds university professor John mahler explained: "with the optimist is different, the pessimist mistakes less, they in the problem more carefully decisions, and less to be. And, there are negative emotions of people want to question the more profound, more analytical, rely less on intuition, especially in difficult times to keep a clear mind."

"Although pessimism seems to be in the face of difficult a natural reaction, but it actually can make better to deal with the difficulties and obstacles. Mahler added.

In addition, the United States, a psychology professor at the university of Michigan Edward often also support the above theory, he says, the research indicates that, in statistical a simple  beats by dre outlet  experiment success rate, compared with an optimist, relatively pessimistic people can obtain more accurate data, and the optimist will be less meter failure frequency and much plan the success number. Not only that, there is evidence that pessimistic can give a person with great power, as they say "defensive pessimism drives people to achieve the goal.

Edward often added, those too optimistic investment Banks in the subprime mortgage crisis suffered defeat, and Goldman sachs group at the beginning but foreseen the disastrous prospect, and finally able to escape unscathed. But this kind of view is worth deliberate. And he said, no action of the blind optimism of no value; And pessimism and action, power and energy is exactly is what people say the highest state of optimism.

Cannot too pessimistic

A psychologist has warned, pessimistic must be moderate. Excessive the pessimist will future crisis as heroes, judgment and to the other end of the blind, they think all actions would mean nothing, so it can be negative to cope with. And continuous pessimistic and use a lot of energy. In the workplace string's tight, best can be in work other than to find yourself fully relax harbour

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