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spotty/acne rash on my baby's face ( 7 weeks old ), followed by lump behind both ears.

Posted by Louise



Im hoping you may be able to help me on my question.


My daughter is 7 weeks old, i noticed about 4 days ago now a spotty/acne/heat looking rash on both sides of her face, cheeks and ears.

My boyfriend bathed her in the same bath with him, and without thinking ( an honest mistake ) he had used a little bit of shower gel in his bath water at the time. The next morning i noticed this rash, it looked quite red and angry, whilst comforting her i felt a lump behind both ears as well, the lumps are moveable when lightly felt, could she of had an allergic reaction? i have used water and cotton wool to dap on her face and i have tried a little bit of Aqueous Cream ( to soothe the dryness ), the rash is still on her face and does flare up quite bad on and off through out the day, is this when shes warm maybe? Is there any other lotion i could possibly try on her face and are the lumps a concern?

i am seeing my Doctor on Monday for her 6-8 week review, but would like abit of reassurance or guidance as what to do in the meantime.

Much appriciated.


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