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Specific Information on Wet Magnetic Separator

Posted Feb 26 2013 6:32am

The wet magnetic separator">wet magnetic separator can be divided into downstream and counterflow and three semi-counterflow depending on its bottom structure.The features of downstream permanent magnet drum separator">drum separator:1.The direction of feeding mine is consistent with the direction of movement of the cylinder rotation or magnetic product;2.Large capacity, it is suitable for processing ferromagnetic materials and selected job with less than 6mm materials(many books writes that the materials are rougher than 6mm , stone crushers for sale in karnataka and the argument is wrong) or for the recovery of the magnetic heavy media;3.It can do more than one series work;

4.High concentrate grade and lower recovery rates;5.The sorting indicator is largely influenced by the amount of ores, sensitive response. When feeding mine is large, magnetic mineral grains is easy to loss in tailings, so it is necessary to strengthen the operation and control of the lower level of the pulp.The features of countercurrent permanent magnet drum separator:1.The direction of the feeding mine is opposite to the rotation direction and the direction of movement of magnetic products;2.High production capacity, jaw crusher crush 100 mm stone strong adaptability. It is suitable for fine processing and scavenging for materials of less than 0.6mm;3.Long time TO sort, high recovery;4.The discharge gate is closer to the mine mouth, coupled with long sorting time, concentrate grade is lower;

5.It is not suitable for coarse ore sorting, coarse-grained materials are easy to plug sorting space.Characteristics of the semi-counterflow permanent wet magnetic separator">magnetic separator:1.The direction of feeding mine and the direction of the magnetic field is basically the same, the slurry from the lower part of the bottom of the groove enter the sorting space, wet ball mill limestone grinding process plant sale in the bottom of the case, the moving direction of magnetic products and the rotating direction of round cylinder are consistent, the moving direction of the non-magnetic product is opposite the the direction of cylinder;2.It is suitable for processing materials with less than 0.2mm;3.The grade of concentrate is high and recovery rate is also higher;4.It can do more than one job and achieve the multiple selection.

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