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Soy in Anesthesia!

Posted May 07 2009 9:22pm
Many are unaware of the fact that Propofol, used for anesthesia, contains 10% soybean oil, and 1.2% purified egg phospholipid (emulsifier). This is vital information for those who have allergies to these foods! Be sure to inform your anesthesiologist of your food allergies, and they may suggest alternative options.

Anaphylaxis during general (asleep) anesthesia presents in a similar way but there are three unique features. First, the patient who is asleep cannot tell us about light-headedness or breathlessness which might be early warning symptoms. Second, during a typical general anesthetic, many drugs are given, and it is hardly ever clear which of these drugs have caused the reaction. Third, during anesthesia there are many other potential causes for the blood pressure to be dropping or the air passages to be closing off. A diagnosis of anaphylaxis is therefore not always easy to establish. "

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