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Sometimes while eating certain foods, I get a tingling sensation in my mouth, on my lips and my thought starts to itch.

Posted by baloo

 I have really dry lips, so when my lip has a crack, it gets swollen on that spot, but dissapear after a day, the blister is not painful, but the crack is.  I have noticed that food like pineapple, cucumber, green beans,carrots and also prawns cause this.  What might the problem be?
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For the dry lips my best answer is drink lots and lots of water, dehydration is a big cause of dry lips. Also use a good healing lip balm, but not one that tastes too good becuase licking your lips will aggrevate it too. As for the foods, that sounds like food allergies to me. My daughter has the exact same symptoms when she eats bananas, cucumbers, and melons. Of course these are some of her favorite foods (sigh), so she eats them anyway. I would suggest that you go to a doctor and have them test for food allergies. Itching in the throat can actually be a precursor to anaphylaxis which can be life threatening, especially if you are not prepared. In the mean time I will give you a little at home test if you would like to try it, this works for my daughter. Get some childrens Benedryl or zyrtec, the liquid kind. Eat one of these foods and if your lips start to swell rub some of the liquid on them. Also, if your mouth itches swish a little bit in your mouth. If after 10 or 15 minutes the itching and swelling are gone it is almost certainly an allergy. Best of luck to you. I hope this helps.

I had similar sensations but without the dry lips, though I do get them in the winter cold from time to time. It turns out my seasonal allergies now relate to certain foods, (all of the ones you mentioned, as well as cantaloupe for me) by sharing a commonality in their pollination process. So the seasonal weeds and trees have similar pollination processes to those foods.

Anyhow, I'm allergic to those foods and I think you might find something similar going on for yourself. Talk to a family doctor to refer you to a allergy specialist who can look into it. 

Because my food allergies are only the itchy lips, top of mouth and throat kind, I just deal with it to a degree, but allergies are one of those things that can get worse over time and my cantaloupe allergy is sever enough that I'm prescribed an epie pin (bad spelling? anyways my throat closed once). So I just don't eat cantaloupe instead of paying the 105 bucks every 6 months that the pin requires. 

Look into it, it's smart to be informed about your body so you can understand what's happening in case of a particularly bad response to something. 



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