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Some investment experts Cheap Beats By Dre believe that the United States "fiscal cliff"

Posted Dec 23 2012 3:48am

Some investment experts Cheap Beats By Dre believe that the United States "fiscal cliff" could possibly have a negative effect be exaggerated, because even if the White House and congress cannot in the end of this year, within the time limit is solutions to reach an agreement, next year 1 month to be automatic start up rate and cut government spending measures just gradually carried out, does not result in the U.S. economy into recession again.

Portland's Leader Capital portfolio manager card mark said: "history has proved, the economy will be in accordance with the principle of economic operation, and political will not (to economic) constitute a disaster."

Investment experts told the Associated Press said, if the two parties to continue next week unable to finance a cliff solutions, although the stock market will continue to fall, but estimated effect won't last too long. One of the main reasons is, investors as early as a few months ago has foreseen fiscal cliff may appear.

Investment institutions "Hefty Wealth Partners" President sea's husband, said he is concerned is the fed will continue to implement its monetary easing, and beats by dre cheap real estate and the unemployment rate. He said: "the financial cliff not there."

Fund managers believe that fiscal cliff on political constitute impact rather than economic level. If the two parties will not reach a compromise, may mean the U.S. government will not be able to operate in good condition.

In addition, the economic data shows the U.S. economic strength gradually strengthen, if finally can avoid financial cliff, the pace of economic recovery may have accelerated in 2013.

According to the report, this year in November, the personal income and consumer spending is increasing trend, the company for two consecutive months increase the durable goods orders, therefore, some economic analyst said, the U.S. economy in the fourth quarter and next year, may obtain than are generally expected to faster growth.

"Naroff Economic Advisors" company chief economist nall husband said: "I see in strengthening Economic power, if the authorities in Washington to take necessary measures, the American economy next year should be better."

He predicts, the real estate market rebound, employment recruitment activities increased, Europe debt crisis ease these factors, will be in the United States to economic growth next year.

The United States has 3.1% of the third season strong growth. Some analysts estimate before, consumers and businesses will because of fears that the fiscal cliff and reduce costs, make this  quarter slowdown in growth significantly.

President Obama recently issued stern to congressional leaders called for their "in a responsible manner", as soon as possible through the overcome "fiscal cliff" plan, to avoid the impact of the U.S. economy. Because the two sides to solve the problem still couldn't make progress, affect the market confidence, Friday (21) Wall Street three index individual down nearly 1%.

However, Obama to solve the problem of future said "optimistic", think before the end of the year is expected to overcome this difficult challenge. Obama the day before yesterday said: "everyone should be calm down, enjoy Christmas dinner and the feast. You can call me as incurable optimist, cheap beats but I always think, the problem can be resolved.

Although the White House and congressional republicans negotiations this week no results, but Obama said he still want to fight for a comprehensive and huge minus red act, in order to make the U.S. economy on the track of long-term prosperity.

Obama insisted that the higher income to pay more tax, he believed that the two parties can eventually reached a compromise. He called on congress to draw up a complete next week, at least maintain the middle class tax rate, prolong the unemployment insurance.

Barack Obama has respectively with the senate majority leader harry Reid and house speaker borna communication, the emphasis on both parties in congress leaders to responsible attitude, deal with urgent problems, to avoid the impact of the U.S. economy.

Bernard had originally planned to launch the republican plan B, but because the party conservatives against tax increases, cannot get enough support and forget about it. Analysis indicates that the borna feel embarrassed, be regarded as his "personal failure".

Analysis points out, if you want to in the house of representatives passed the proposal, borna must with house minority Democrats help. But to do so will hurt borna in the republican party's prestige and status, influence he will in next month after the speaker of the house of the opportunity.

The course plan B to those earning more than $1 million americans tax increases, Obama has the latest proposal, is earning more than $400000 to the American tax increases. The tax increases and spending cuts the amount of difference in $20 billion or so, next year accounted for the U.S. government budget revenues or 1% of the total amount of the following.

According to reports, at present, the house of representatives has recess, after Christmas will resume. The senate 21 held a brief meeting, until next week four (December 27) to opportunity.

And if the United States congress can't this month in 31 deadline to reach a compromise, managing mechanism will automatically start, January 1, such as the individual income tax rate will be raised, the government spending will also automatically reduce, both total about $600 billion. Economists worry that this will blow not recovery of the U.S. economy.

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