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So old hellfire ring was real end activity

Posted May 02 2013 2:28am

Game is designed around the Community auction House (fact). Blizzard knows what is fun and it will tell you to improve your perform style when necessary. Let’s have fun with the Diablo 3 silver with prepared products.
A fan gripes about the change/bug-fix to the Hellfire Band, and gets a response from a Blizzard official.
Old hellfire ring was the real end activity. People improve their equipment and invest plenty of periods to gather essential factors and defeat ultra managers on higher MP stage AGAIN and AGAIN just to get a better rolled hellfire ring.

So old hellfire ring was real end activity. Now with this ineffective hellfire ring, no objective to do these ultra managers more than once. No point/reward of ultra managers in higher MP stage.
Blizzard should make the make up of hardest desire in activity really EPIC, so to be able to get a better roll, this is a really awesome end activity.

With this nerfed ring, the end activity is gone. I was thrilled to do these ultra managers and was motivation to update my devices to defeat these ultra managers on excellent MP stage, now no factor in infernal device now.
There are some methods to nerf that ring, like range that ring's harm as your DPS, so that ring on weak players will never cope thousand harm. Or make that ring incredibly challenging to Diablo 3 Gold like only M6 and above has probability to fall key, MP6 has 20% chance. Or make its harm range with MP stage. You shouldn't basically nerf it to floor.
By nerfing hellfire ring, you remove the real end activity you once gave us in PTR ver 1.
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