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Smoking Cessation Aids

Posted Jun 14 2011 12:00am
The Allergy Dude would like the list some sites for free assistance with quitting smoking.  He has been asked by many patients, as well as recommending the sites unsolicited to patients or caregivers.
1.  American Lung Association
2.  South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control (SC DHEC)
3.  National Cancer Institute 4.  Centers for Disease Control and Prevention 5.  others can be found by a simple web search.
The main thing is to want really, really to stop now.  It's motivation and determination.  Cause and effect.  The Allergy Dude has known people to quit without any aids, cold turkey, after having had a heart attack.  That should be major league motivation.  About 80% of people quit cold turkey.  Some patients ask The Allergy Dude about using other methods .  He can't say that his patients have had greater success with one particular method.  The Allergy Dude offers a choice to smokers and work with them.  Reality check: meds cost money and usually not covered by insurance companies.  [Commentary: The Allergy Dude thinks this is very short-sighted and greedy of insurance companies, putting profit over patient care.  Insurance companies rely on non-profits or government to provide help quitting smoking.]  Hopefully, your physicians are trying to get the smokers to stop smoking at every insistence.  For example, The Allergy Dude's patients know that they should expect at least 1 minute of every office visit will be spent discussing the evils of smoking and be harassed into quitting smoking.

If you've managed to quit, congratulations. If you're trying to quit, read up about all types of cancer, lung disease, and heart disease. Consider how much money you're wasting every day, total every year. Get motivated and quit now!!
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