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Sinus congestion, chest tightness

Posted by princessoops

Hi, I have been suffering for over 5 weeks now from wat seems like chest congestion, i have always seemed to have a sinus problem, one side of the nose blocked all the time, i put it down to smoking, and put up with this for a few years, but 5 weeks ago this chest tightness started, of and on its more around the windpipe towards the throat that feels tight, and feel the need to cough like mucus needs to come up, i also experienced lightheadedness last year in the summer and it also started this year in april, im wondering if these symptoms are related?? and what is the cause, it comes and goes more so in the morning up till lunchtime! and sometimes in the evening, i also had the cold for 1 week after the chest tightness started, i feel pressure in my chests and ears, and sometimes my head feels full, is this allergies? or asthma? i have an appointment next week to see the doctor, im just a little anxious, i also suffered from panic attacks/anxiety for 20 years, but i am taking propranolol for this, 40mg per day but recently asked that it be reduced as i was starting to feel fine, i am now on 10mg per day since about 6 weeks ago, can this be also a reason as to why im having these symptoms? i also feel like i need to deep breath, and now that i am aware of that i am worrying about it, and constantly trying to deep breath or yawn, i also have backacche around the middle area, but had this for years i put this down to poor posture and slouching as it gets worse depending which way i sit, and when i deep breath there is discomfort around the back, my left shoulder also feels tense, i put that down to tension and the way i sit!! can you please help any info would be great or anyone else had this same experience. I have no actual problem breathing its just the feeling of needing a deep breath!! 
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