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Sinofresh Nasal Spray for Sinus Problems

Posted by thanikka

This nasal spray was introduced to me by a friend when traveling in China. Since then, I highly recommend this spray to all friends who struggle with sinus headaches or infections. I also use this for prevention – before flying, going out to public places, or if I’m around a sick person. If you already have sinus congestion, this spray will clear it out, enabling prescription nose sprays to be more effective. You can check out the site at. sinofreshstore

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I use SinoxSpray[url][/url] which is drug free and gentle on the nose. Since it is drug free, there are no harmful side effects and it is non-habit forming. It is very effective in clearing the thick, persistent mucus in my nose and as a result reducing the pain. 


Sinox spray also has prophylactic properties similar to Airborne Health Formula. Whenever I go to a crowded place, I squirt Sinox in my nostrils and this helps reduce the chances of me falling sick. 



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