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shines in the left of the stairs womens air max ltd at the dim classroom lights

Posted Nov 21 2012 3:18am
Whenever I lifted my head to look to a the overhead patch of gray silence of the sky with a lazy attitude, the head always dizzy eyes the sun not opened his attack. On the way to a defeated posture in the sun next wantonly black and blue.That afternoon, sunset outside the window has fallen on the horizon, little light shines in the left of the stairs womens air max ltd at the dim classroom lights, overhead fans slow rotation, posture seems to never stop, but the forehead sweat did not dissipate its role still came out fine, stop ear irritability of cicadas called, began to disperse our energy, papers in our hands the moment stopped writing occasional wind onwards, to be recovered, continue bowed his head buried in a sea of ??books, fired off letters.

Homeroom teacher came into the classroom printing paper hand 4A mouth seems to always be kind of resentful, filled with the imminent outbreak of the flame in his eyes, I knew what happened next would be like the volcanic eruption, spewing hot magma.Face like air max 90 uk a pot "last Yuekao results came out, you know how bad your grades this? Our class, but has been very good, do not know why this would plummet, think about yourselves." bottom-like gray Shen, eyes scanning the classes all to see everyone doing?The transcript has already spread in the front row of students, issued a surprised voice or some pleased giggling sound.
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