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"Shenzhen efficiency" is not a fall

Posted Apr 03 2012 3:30am

A few days ago, according to relevant statistics, shenzhen many economic data shown negative growth, d.c. there since the establishment of the rare phenomenon. Caused wide concerns.

"Time is money, efficiency is life," this sentence was born in shenzhen's words, was in the national popular for a while.

In fact, the development of the city, we should not only watch speed, more to see quality, although development speed gradually slow down, but the shenzhen is still the most of the efficiency of the development of China city.

Fastidious a regional development is efficient, its economic structure and fixed asset investment rate, it is very important.

At present, China's many city fire of false fierce, and a huge illusion, that is the main economic growth by investment pull, and this growth, the efficiency is very low. Some cities, although is growing rapidly, but carefully, fastidious, behind the investment growth, more rapidly than overall economic growth. And some regions and cities, although the surface see growth slowed, but the efficiency is very high, because its fixed assets investment, growth rate is much lower than the average city.

In recent years, tianjin, chongqing hurricane, yea, created the myth, but this is not completely myth stands the test. Its development power, for the scale of the fixed assets investment. From 2008 to 2011, tianjin compound annual growth rate of domestic average highest level to keep the list. Were 16.5%, 16.5%, 17.4%, 16.4%. But, the fixed asset investment, growth growth achieved respectively 42.5%, 47.4%, 30.1% and 31.2%. Fixed asset investment growth speed, far more than the GDP growth. And the fixed assets investment rates, more achieved 67% above. Can say, its economic growth, for investment depends on the very serious. Chongqing also is such.

More alarming, the rely on high fixed asset investment mode, is the national each area and urban emulated. Because of China's unique political cycle, about every few years form a in fact check period of, so, each place the ruled, facing rapid do large amount, improve the increase speed to colleagues in the competition winner of pressure. And cultivating industrial, the cycle long, there are few visionary and patience to do. That way, the whole country, they appear on the fixed assets investment to move to the economic phenomenon.

In 2011, China's GDP for 47.1564 trillion yuan, fixed assets investment was up to 31.1022 trillion yuan, fixed assets investment rates, more than 60% above, rely on the investment of pulling provinces and cities, and 80% of the total number of accounts for the provinces and cities, is an unprecedented global. The whole country was in a crazy investment of impulse.


In 2011, guangdong fixed assets investment rate is 32%, the lowest for all provinces. Zhejiang fixed assets investment rate is 44.7%, and in the national all provinces, only guangdong and zhejiang fixed assets investment rate more than 50%. Can stick to the way and keep the true in contrarian competitiveness, its efforts to especially valuable. Specific to the cities, shenzhen of fixed assets investment rates, but only 19%, fixed assets for domestic investment rate less than 20% of the only big cities. And, the society than investment accounts for more than 76.1%, the highest in the country for the column. The official investment is less than 25%.

The industrial structure is concerned, the industrial structure of shenzhen 123 very reasonable, accounts for an than, in 10 cities, second only to Beijing, and the private economy than accounted for, no matter in the output value or failing, have dominated, in the country are very rare.

In shenzhen, biological, and the Internet, new energy industrial production grew 38%, its fastest pace in 2 or more times than GDP growth; High and new technology, finance, logistics, culture and so on four pillar industries more than 60% of GDP. Each square kilometers GDP output of about 552 million yuan, for the cities in China.

And at the same time, shenzhen ten thousand yuan GDP fell 11.9% of land used for construction purposes; Ten thousand yuan GDP energy and water consumption were down were down by 4.25% and 5%. For 0.47 tons of BiaoZhunMei and 18.7 cubic meters, are the lowest.

The lowest energy consumption, output is highest, thus, shenzhen is still the most of the efficiency of the development of China city. "Shenzhen efficiency" can never be a banner down

The measure of a local real economic vitality, need more to the strength of the local private enterprise value.

Guangdong and zhejiang economic vitality champions league away the nation, a sense because of its strong private enterprise hemopoietic function, and the more private economy developed city, the real economic quality is higher. Born many through the market competition and the rise of the national brand. Huawei, such as tencent rise in shenzhen, square too, such as er xiaogang rise, was not an accident. And tianjin, chongqing, Shanghai and other scholars from renmin densely, excessive proportion of heavy industry city, usually more depend on investment, the real economic efficiency is questionable.

Emphasize is, at present, the domestic common appeared several blunders, one is crazy increase investment in fixed assets, to the name of the people's livelihood, building booms to false economic growth, for that of GDP; 2 it is, the various provinces

Keen on and scholars from renmin marriage, do not have the patience to foster local private enterprises. A scholars from renmin investment, frequently hundreds of billions, the effect was immediate, many provinces and cities for the chase, fueling the local opportunism.

Shenzhen currently fronts, is only temporary, the main reason, but because shenzhen enterprise mostly for the private enterprises, in the countries in the back into people, received serious extrusion, collapse is private enterprise, zhejiang and guangdong of pressure. But, absolutely can't so and opportunistic, avoid difficulties.

Stick to the traditional industry, China still has a huge mass consumer groups need to meet; Adhere to the private economy, China's many mass products, are made by they provide, the context, it is the foundation of China's economy. Shenzhen banner, absolutely can't because the so-called economic transformation and fall. Speculation can popular at that time, but the country prosperous, need long-term accumulated and adhere to, also need to get.

Rulers of the existence of economy, also to drag down the shenzhen, originally, according to the industrial division, coastal can develop high-tech industries, new industry, the traditional industry move inland, but, vacate basket change a bird, but sometimes difficult to achieve, for example high-tech industries outside in shenzhen, the domestic many inland backward areas, also called to make high-tech industries, the domestic light national high-tech industrial park, there have been dozens, thus, shenzhen and the mainland, not thoroughly realize industrial gradient shift, also can't achieve complete allocated by the market of industrial division, which slows the shenzhen transformation.

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