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She said what?

Posted Dec 22 2008 5:43pm 1 Comment

Recently my son and I were surfing on I-Tunes. We needed  a great theme song for a school video he made about bullying with food. We searched for “peanut allergy” on the site and found a song that looked promising.  I won’t reveal the artist name and song title here because I’ve heard that even bad press is good press and I don’t want to be a party to that.  What I do want to reveal is that during the free 30 seconds I-Tunes provides for a preview we heard, “Don’t give me any peanut butter cuz then I would die and that would suck.” 


When we heard this we didn’t say anything to each other at first. We sat in stunned silence. Then the conversation started. We talked about how unnecessary the song was, how hurtful it was and we brainstormed about what we could do to make up for such irresponsible song writing. My son came up with a great idea. He said we should counter that song and it’s message by blogging about food allergy songs that kids would like. 


I told him, “That’s a great idea!”  


He responded, “Thanks!  Besides people like that don’t even get it. Kids with food allergies have to be strong. It’s like.....”


“It’s like what?” I asked him.


“Never mind,” he said with a huge grin.


“Tell me!” I begged.


“Promise you won’t get mad?” he asked.


“I promise!” I lied.


“Well, it’s like what Aunt Cyndi said when I told her I couldn’t eat at the ice cream store downtown. She said ‘You know what I think little man, I think it takes really big balls not to have nuts!’ “


We never laughed so hard! In the face of adversity he found a way to laugh. There are so many ways that conversation could have gone and I LOVE that it ended in laughter. Was what he said inappropriate, absolutely...Was it potty humor, yup...but sometimes if we don’t laugh, we’ll cry - so we chose to laugh!!! 


And by the way, we found a great album about food allergies called, You Must Be Nuts by Kyle Dine. The songs deal with different kinds of food allergies and related issues. The lyrics are educational and lighthearted. 

Click here to go to his website!  Check him out on I-Tunes too! 

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Your sister is (or I am) crude.  I still like the saying even though I'm a little embarassed it was said by Chef Sweet Pea.
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