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Sharp Pain Shooting Down Leg from butt to foot

Posted Jun 08 2009 7:11pm

I woke up with a really sharp pain shooting down my right leg from my right buttocks, all the way down to the bottom of my right foot. There's even a dull ache in my groin area too, along with a raw stinging sensation on the back of my right thigh.

I'm a 26yr old woman with no children and at healthy weight. I've only felt this pain a few times before last year when I had reactions to birth control pills. (And that was the first time I've ever had this experience) I tried just about every kind of oral controception and ended up reacting to all of them so I don't take any pills or medications EXCEPT for Acidophilus (1billion cfu) supplements.  I've been off of birth control pills for 3 months now. The last pack was the "mini pill" (progestin-only)

I'm not allergic to anything like foods, plants, herbs etc.  The pain just came this morning.  Last night I ate Chinese food but nothing that I havent had before.  The pain really hurts, and only on my right side, including only the right side of my groin area too.

Everything else has been normal. No trouble breathing or anything. I feel fine. No new detergents...

 Could it be the acidophilus supplements? They've never made me feel sick or anything. I take them to keep away BV infections.  Or could I have been bitten by a bug in my sleep or something? LOL

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