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Secret Why Android phones so popular

Posted Mar 16 2013 6:42am

If you go to a corpuscle buzz boutique or accessible websites of Samsung or LG, 【】 you will apprehension that a lot of of the phones run on Android OS. Android is an operating arrangement for smartphones developed and endemic by Google. Apart from Nokia and Thl users, a lot of humans adopt to go with Android OS. All the versions of the Android namely, Donut, Г©clair, Froyo, Gingerbread has been actual popular. And now humans are anticipating for the phones that will run on Ice-cream.

What humans adulation about Android is that it gives you affluence of customization options. Just like added Google articles like Gmail or Chrome web browser which gives affluence of options such as applications and extensions to adapt it to their fullest, even Android OS is one such belvedere that you can adapt by installing a avant-garde ambit of applications.

Compared to any iPhone, Android phones are cheaper and action bigger features. Both iPhone and Google accept the aforementioned turn-by-turn aeronautics i.e. Google Maps. Since the app is a artefact from Google and so is Android, it is actual accessible that ThL W7+ Android phones will accept bigger abutment and casework than an iPhone or any added buzz active altered OS. As mentioned before, Android brings to you affluence of apps to adapt your phone. Abounding apps are accessible for free. However, there are abounding apps that charge to be purchased. However, the acceptable affair is you can try all the apps and if you don't like any app, you can ask for money aback aural 15 minutes.

Another advantage Android phones accept over iPhone is that it has got disposable battery. So if you apperceive that you charge to alter the battery, you can artlessly go to boutique and acquirement a new one. Abounding Android OS phones are high-end phones that appear with abounding avant-garde accouterments appearance such as HDMI. You can artlessly affix your buzz to your television with HDMI feature.

Since Android is accessible on altered brands like Samsung, THL W1+, Motorola, Sony Ericsson, etc you get added options if it comes to affairs a new phone. Also, abounding of the phones accept college accumulator capacities because Android users are apprenticed to install affluence of apps, download getting over the web, and autumn movies and music files on it.

Another air-conditioned affair about Android OS is that the web browser absolutely supports Flash. It agency you can watch Flash agreeable after any glitches on the browser. You will not acquaintance any choppiness or slowness while browsing. Also, you can watch videos central the browser and you do not charge to download any added app to alone appearance the videos present on the site.

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