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Review of N-Style ID Medical ID Bracelet

Posted Nov 13 2009 10:01pm
Two thumbs up from "The Peanut Allergy Kid"

I have talked before about how important I think it is for children with a peanut allergy (or any life-threatening allergy) to wear a medical ID bracelet. It helps identify their allergy to the world around them, and in the event of a serious emergency, to medical personnel.

Another benefit that I was not expecting is the fact that it is a great conversation starter about Tyler's allergy! People will ask us what his medical condition is. It opens the door for us to talk about it. It also allows me to educate those who show an interest about the seriousness of it and even issues like cross contamination. In fact, children in Tyler's preschool class have even asked him what it is for. He loves to tell the other 4 year-olds about his peanut allergy.

A couple of weeks ago I knew we needed to replace his old bracelet. We had added a new allergy and his old one (from a company I won't name!) was well past its prime.

About a year ago, I started endorsing N-Style ID on this website. So there was little question who I would order from.

Can I just say something? I absolutely love his new bracelet! The quality was actually better than I expected. (I wasn't expecting anything bad but it exceeded my expectations.) And Tyler loves it!

What I love about the bracelet is the fact that the metal ID can be interchangeable with other bands. Tyler picked out the sports band and a plain black band. Depending on his mood or clothing, we decide which band to put the ID on. Plus, the band is adjustable for his little wrist.

Here is the black band:

and the sports band:

The medical alert symbol is on the front. On the back I engraved the following:


I encourageyou to check out this great company if you are (or will be) in the market for a medical alert bracelet. There are a lot of low quality ones out there but this one is first class. Their prices are very reasonable. The purpose this bracelet provides is worth a million bucks to me!

N-Style ID

So what did we do with his old, outdated band?

Dylan has been asking to wear Tyler's medical bracelet lately. (He also asks me if foods are safe for him...remember he has no food allergies!). It's so cute watching him wanting to be just like his big brother. So I passed on the old, outdated band to him! Its just for around the house (wearing it outside of the house would not be good!). He is as proud of it as Tyler of his bracelet!

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