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Review of CiCi's Pizza

Posted May 04 2009 4:59pm

During a recent Facebook discussion, one PA mom said that her child's favorite "safe" place to eat is CiCi's pizza. Since we don't have one very close to us, Tyler had not tried CiCi's yet.

I will admit CiCi's is near and dear to my heart. I ate it all the time in graduate school. In fact when my husband and I were just getting to know each other, that was where we went. It was away from campus and CHEAP.

So, when we went to Illinois on vacation last week (more details on that tomorrow), we found one so that Tyler could try his first buffet. He has never had the experience of being away from home and getting to choose anything he wants to eat. He loved it!

On his first trip up, he got way more food than his little tummy could handle. But, it was his first experience at a buffet. One he tried a few things, I let him go back and get a few more things that he really liked. I'm not normally an advocate of wasting food but I allowed it that day.

The quality? Well, its cheap pizza. But can pizza really be "bad?" Not in my opinion! The safety far outweighs it not being the world's best pizza. (But it's still good!!)

The best part of all this is from their website:

None of our products contain peanuts, peanut oil or are processed in a plant that processes nuts.

Not only do they have pizza, they also have desserts. This includes brownies, apple pizza, and cinnamon sticks. I admit, this made me a tiny bit nervous. Brownies? Without cross contamination issues? That I have not made? Yep!!

The price could not be beat. Adults were $3.99. Kids 4-12 were $1.69. Kids under 3 (i.e. Dylan) were free! We all drank water to save money so I'm not sure what the price of drinks were.

In the end, we had a blast. I enjoyed watching Tyler enjoy himself at his first buffet. These are the types of things children without food allergies take for granted. We made a memory that day and it was a good one!

Oh, yeah. My non PA kid loved it, too!

The nearest Cici's is about 45 minutes from our house. We had such a positive experience that, as a special treat, we will make the trip and induldge in this "safe" buffet again.

Anyone else have a great experience with CiCi's?
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