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rash on arms and legs in toddler

Posted by irene

Hello. my son is 23 month old. About week and a half ago he developed a rash on his legs first, then on his arms. His legs are almost cleared of the next day but his upper arms are really bad. I took him to gp this week, he didn't tell me anything just gave a cream-hydrocortisone. I used it on kenzo for last 3 days. and yesterday I gave him a bath with Oilatum emollient (light liquid paraffin) it seemed to get worse after that on one of the arms. Also today rash on his legs started to come back. He does not itch it, he has no fever, he behaviour is good he sleeps and he eats. But his rush is getting worse I do not know what it is, I even could not find anything on google. I forgot to mention that he was seek about 3 weeks ago and doctor gave him antibiotic, I am afraid I can't remember the name, could they cause this?  If this is because of antibiotics when will it go away? Rash look like a lot of bumps it starts looking as a spot and then turn into a bump. bumps are very closeto each other and covering all of the area of back of upper  arms     top of lower arms and top of he hands. Do you have any idea what could it be? His diet was not changed in any way.

Thank you for your help

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