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"Safe" Places to Eat with a Peanut Allergy

Posted Jan 14 2009 8:47pm
In preparation for an upcoming road trip, I compiled a list of some "safe" restaurants. (They are linked to their respective allergen information pages.)

Fast Food

* A & W's
* Arby's
* Burger King
* Hardee's
* Jack in the Box
* McDonald's
* Long John Silver's
* Taco Bell
* Wendy's

Some of these places serve peanuts in their desserts. Even if a dessert does not have peanuts, I stay away from it due to the risk of cross contamination. Some of the salads contain tree nuts as well if that is a concern (we avoid them).

My rule of thumb for fast food is that if I can see their preparation area and it appears that the desserts are far away from the burger and fries prep area and cleanliness standards appear to be high, I will allow Tyler to eat there. I also recommend wiping the seat and table down before eating just in case.

Restaurants(always tell your server about the PA when ordering so the chef is aware)
* Outback Steakhouse
*Red Lobster ( I spoke with the manager at our local one)
* Red Robin (While I don't have a link w/ allergen info I have read in multiple places they have a peanut allergy menu!! We plan to try it out on our trip and I will post a review!!)

Again, stay away from desserts, even if they are appear peanut free.

* Chuck E Cheese
* CiCi's
* Domino's Pizza
* Papa John's

Stay away from desserts here, too.

Absolute No-No places for us:

*Chick fil a (fry in peanut oil)
*Chili's (multiple peanut desserts, plus they put PB in chili, which puts it way too close to food Tyler might eat.)
*Dairy Queen (sign at our local store states not to eat there if you are PA)
* Pizza Hut (process their sauce and a few meats in a facility with peanuts)
*Ice cream place of any kind (risk of cross contamination is too high)

If you know of other "safe" places, please leave a comment or send me an e-mail.

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