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quarter hit half, the hornets to and - 35 lead,

Posted Jan 17 2013 1:53am
then they shot down, 76 people in at half-time to tie the game into 47-53. The third quarter as 5 minutes 33 seconds, 76 people to tie the game at 61-67. Amy's alley-oop dunk, Anderson and then a 3-pointer, and New Orleans outside continuously achievements, played a wave 17-4, air max 95 black 84-65 at open gap.The fourth quarter the hornets to extend the lead to twenty points, although 76 people once the gap to eight points, but unable to make improvements. , Houston rockets, still back home in a 109-117 loss to the Los Angeles clippers [micro bo], encounter 4 losing streak. Next, the rockets too late to rest, on the road to against the Dallas mavericks. This is two teams this season in the second. Meeting for the first time, the rockets lost at home, and in the face of the recent state have milder calf, the rockets can revenge? The rockets can resist of his opponent a wave flow? The two teams in the first match is on December 9, 2012, two team in the first half interaction with beautiful single section data, the first quarter the mavericks hurricane 39 points, the second day the rockets still a 42 points. But small, Dallas had 32 points again, and to a 116-109 victory and return. The game is the pain of loss of female with Kevin McHale boss, return to the game. The game has many BianZhao, continue today. One of them is in the third quarter air max i, MaiShuai put Tony - Douglas collocation LinShuHao [micro bo], dozen double point guard, and this has become now the rockets in the second quarter of the opening with standard. But the MaiShuai to LinShuHao use, are still in the. LinShuHao in the second quarter and minor details were able to, finally only seven points three assists. Is James haddon in one injury cases, the second quarter the single section under 19 points, half scored 30 points, all have 39 points, but still not crazy cut down forty points - O.J. Mayo. Since then, the two teams on the different development road. The rockets once get 12-4 negative, including 2 wave five straight ranking also comes up to the first eight west. While the mavericks were the three wins, 13 negative, including a wave 6 straight, but in the near future, they were over the king, Memphis grizzlies and wolves, and win streak. During the most worth mentioning is dirk nowitzki return, air max 1 and on January 5, at New Orleans, to return to the starting. Nearly 3 games, dirk were scored 44 points and 17 rebounds and assists. His return, but also for the first time in tomorrow and compared the biggest difference. The rockets to the 4 a starting to make adjustment, Patrick patterson [micro bo] final replaced marcus - morris, but the former 5 throw in 2 only 5 points, but the latter had 12 points and eight rebounds, in the defensive end also indulge Blake griffin - [micro bo] scored 19 points and eight rebounds. How to defense dirk, cheap air max 1 is the top priority of the rocket tomorrow. The rockets losing streak in the near future, one a large bamboo or wicker basket, often press block float gourd ladle. But in general, in the defense still don't give force, often let the opponent's run a wave of flow, the rockets' offense but not have sustained performance. Four consecutive games, the rockets have chance to win, and all had attack milder, play a wave flow stage, but often lack a sigh of relief. Kevin McHale to rotation and tactical adjustment, is also GuaiZhao PinChu. And Dallas recently both behind by 17 points big reversal king, had lead grizzly bear more than 30 points. In addition, the first meeting in offensive rebounds, a, the mavericks on 11-4 lead, the total number of shots the rocket 19 times; The rockets have 19 turnovers. This is the rockets must pay attention to tomorrow. The rockets have failed to stop the trend of losing streak, lost at home against
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