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Pumpkin Spiced Pancakes with Pumpkin Chia Pudding and Fresh Figs...YUM!

Posted Sep 09 2011 5:30am
Funny, most of you seem to not like okra or even attempt to cook it. That kind of surprised me, but I also like that I'm not alone in the "I don't care for okra" club!

Let's continue on the subject of weird foods shall we...

How about chia seeds . I won't lie to you, I wanted to try them forever, but once I got them...I was afraid of doing anything with these little suckers. Tony told me flat out that he's grown his share of chia pets and has no intention of ever eating the stuff. No worries, now that I've tried them...I'm hooked! I've seen chia pudding all over the place. Some version or another of this crazy concoction. The stuff looks like something from the dinosaur age. I know, you start eating with your eyes, seriously, it looks disgusting, but hear me's good! And nutritious! How can you not love it?

My first experience, I went in blindly. I soaked the seeds in some almond milk for about an hour. I kept coming back to stir it and look at it. It was definitely a science experiment. I figured since I was such a scaredy cat, I would at least put it with something I love... pancakes !

These were pumpkin pie spiced pancakes with pumpkin chia pudding and fresh figs. Oh my...this was heaven on a plate! The warm spiced pancakes with the cool pudding and the sweet figs...hello fall!

To be honest, the pudding was creamy. I thought it would be more gelatinous, but I really liked the consistency. It made the pancakes decadent.

I can't wait to play with chia seeds more. Did you know that they have  5 times more calcium than milk ? That right there is a great reason for someone like me, that can't have dairy, to get these little crazy seeds in my diet more often! 
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