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Puffy eyes allergy: how you can cure yourself

Posted Dec 14 2008 5:31pm 1 Comment

Home made remedies if you have puffy eyes from allergies.

Few weeks ago I was at my niece's home and the poor girl was wearing dark glasses indoors…

First I imagined her teenage fashion style went over the top, but she was actually hiding that her eyelids where a bit swollen. Now hiding behind sunglasses indoors is quite attracting the opposite result :-)


Her eyes started to swell the evening before and the whole eyelid was a bit puffy. Since her general health is OK and me being a chef, of course I was thinking about food allergy and some food remedies for reducing puffy eyes.


Treatment for puffy eyes

Puffy eyes allergy can best be treated in finding the source(s) causing the allergy. Therefore you should start noting down everything you do during each and every day related to:


* make up on your face
* soap, shower
* what you breath in (nail polish remover, bad traffic) and
* what you eat


Then try to find a pattern : every time your eyes get swollen, try to find the facts or emotions that return each time the swollen eyes show up.

The easy part then is that you will get rid of your puffy eyes once you eliminate the source causing them.


Reduce puffy eyes


The following puffy eye remedies at least relieved my nieces puffy eyes. At this moment she feels fine again, which led me to believe she must have had some allergic reaction.


If none of the below puffy eyes remedies work, do go and see a doctor. Ask for a throughout diagnosis and treatment.

There also exist creams against eye puffiness, but when you have an allergy, some creams could even aggravate your allergic reactions.

If you want to self medicate using a cream, then try an Aloe Vera based cream: Aloe Vera will hydrate your eyes.


Tea remedy for puffy eyes

The age-old remedy against dark circles under the eyes, also works against fluffy eyes.


* normal tea reduces swelling,
* chamomile tea soothes redness and inflammation.

Put the tea-bags in hot water for three minutes. Let cool until the bags are comfortably warm, lie down, close your eyes, put the bags over your puffy eyes and RELAX.

Herbal home remedy for allergy

When your fluffy eyes are caused by an allergy, then drinking homemade barley drinks twice a day could solve the problem.


Below is my favourite barley drink recipe, deliciously perfumed with screw pine leaves and dried fruit:




* some screw pine leaves (pandan-leaves: screw pine is "Malaysian Vanilla" and a delicious ingredient in Malaysian desserts)

* a handful dried winter melon (winter melon, sugar, sulphide dioxide) (Kundur Manis)

* a handful of the best quality barley

* some bean curd skin (tofu-skin, fu chuck) tear into pieces

* water




1. Wash the barley until water is clear

2. Put in a medium sized pot, add the other ingredients and fill the pot for 3 quarters with water

3. Boil until the water turns white in colour (about 1 hour)



The above home remedies helped my niece get rid of her fluffy eyes.

Eat yourself healthy with simple and delicious recipes at


Go there to ask food for home remedies you need.

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thank u  this helped :)
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