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proposals directly hit the nail on the head Yao

Posted Mar 13 2013 2:12am
just straightforward points to several major obstacle to hinder the development of Chinese basketball - personnel training channels single body not teach combination of professional basketball with the campus and society seriously out of line is professional sports career, competitive sports too utilitarian, after all, still have institutional Dong Daozi otherwise, can not move, can not cure the root as well versed in professional basketball The essence of investment, Yao Ming is very clear that the crux of the Chinese Basketball and the crux of the problem is not    cheap nike trainer 1.3 max    only present in the Chinese Basketball almost all professional sports are subject to this. the first to embark on the road of professional football, "to defy the law." backwardness and power management system is too concentrated, directly caused by the storm of the magnitude of the most widely used in sports history "anti-corruption fight against corruption". biggest test of the three balls of the mass base and reserve personnel reserve project on all fronts The retreat is also evidence of Combining Education and the need to broaden the channels for personnel training.

Management system, two proposals directly hit the nail on the head Yao apparently "two sessions" sports members more insightful than frivolous "person or a certain person to manage the  womens nike free run 2   Chinese football will be able to in 10 years The upswing proposal more practical significance. Is Yao Ming, or hope that the sustainable development of Chinese basketball fans, presumably expect the proposal to be implement. The problem is that hot is yes, but whether caused by relevant departments, really hard to say.
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