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Product Review: Sunscreen Soap

Posted Nov 09 2008 10:05pm
Now that the weather has finally dipped below 60 in my neck of the woods, it's a perfect time to blog about sunscreen (!?!). Well, not really but I did get a sample of this new product: Bethesda Sunscreen Soap . It's a bar soap that has a built-in SPF 10. Why am I even reviewing it? Well, I'm rather particular when it comes to skin care with allergy kid but I was willing to give this a shot since my little guy is not unlike his father in his reluctance to put anything on his skin. It also has a built-in vitamins that not only do not aggravate his eczema but seem to soothe his irritated skin.

I personally coat myself and my children with at least SPF 30 (if not 50) so 10 really doesn't measure up to my personal standards, especially during the height of the summer. But I have been using the soap throughout the fall and my friends and I did a field test one day at the pumpkin patch to see if an additional "line" on my arm of traditional lotion would make a difference. And it didn't! So I imagine I'll use this all winter, especially on my face and arms.

As a soap, it's fine. It's not particularly fragrant or lathery but it's perfectly acceptable... soap. It retails at $8/bar, which seems a little steep but considering how much suncreen costs, especially those fancy brands, I guess it's not too bad. It is quite ingenious for those people who hate to put on sunscreen lotion... like GOLFERS. I mean, I've spent years reminding my husband and/or picking out a brand that wasn't "too sticky, greasy, gooey or... makes me smell like a french fry and ruins my grip!"
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