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Pregnant women will become more mature and beautiful

Posted Sep 24 2012 8:58am

Fetal culture is an integral part of the teaching of aesthetic education, antenatal instruction methods in aesthetic education is defined as fetal awareness, through mothers ' feelings about t beauty and the consciousness of beauty antenatal instruction method passed to the fetus. It mainly includes: musical beauty, figure beauty and natural beauty.

Music is self-evident

Musical aesthetic to the fetus are psychological and physiological roles of these two different approaches to implementation. All the emotions will pass to the fetus through the sentimental tone.

1. psychological aspects

Music can make a pregnant woman relaxed and happy, so that their emotional reach best, and pass this information through the nervous system to the belly of the fetus, so that it was infected. At the same time quiet and laid-back rhythm can create a calm environment for the fetus. Restless baby to quiet down so he is dimly aware of how harmonious is the world, how wonderful it is.

2. physiological aspect

The effects of sweet and pleasant sound can stimulate maternal Autonomic nervous system activity, because the Autonomic nervous system controls the endocrine glands secrete many hormones these hormones through blood circulation into the placenta, placental blood component changes, increased chemical composition in favour of fetal health, so as to stimulate fetal brain and the functional activity of the system, to feel the mother to his stimulating (education).

Warm reminder: passionate, emotional fluctuation, easy to be angry, sentimental, sensitive, suspicious, small-minded pregnant women, early pregnancy, as well as medium-term abortions occur, 3~5 times more than in normal pregnant women. When in a bad mood to listen to some soft music can calm restless heart of prosperity.

Beauty and clothes are the same antenatal instruction

Antenatal instruction is always acts throughout the entire pregnancy, therefore, life itself is an antenatal instruction of pregnant women.

Some pregnant women lose the slim body financed and feel painful. In fact, no need to be so. Pregnancy is almost every woman goes through, you can observe that most women will be as before with a slim and graceful figure soon after giving birth, sapling beautiful, but also added a few minutes mature beauty of women.

During pregnancy, pregnant women can also dress very beautiful. In fact, beauty and clothing are also antenatal instruction, pregnant women just need to elaborately dress up. The pursuit of beauty is a wish for a female, the best appearance will bring a lot of joy to you. Pregnant, you need more elaborately dressed, you can choose many fashion pregnancy dresses. This amused herself one way on the one hand, concern for their appearance, clothing will make you forget the unpleasant reactions in pregnancy; Moreover, makeup will make you look good, look, comfortable, others, praise a few words to you, you will be very pleased. Visible makeup will keep you confident, optimistic, feel good. Thus, beauty, dressed either for yourself or on fetuses is very meaningful. Make-up time must pay attention, not to the nines, as against the pregnant woman and the fetus. What is more, in order to protect many pregnant women should choose the anti radiation clothes, such as anti radiation skirts, anti radiation vests, anti radiation pants and so on.

Also, on the topic of beauty or not beauty, the temperament in pregnant women is critical, first of all pregnant women have good morals and elegance of taste, knowledge broad, gentle manners, inherent beauty. Respectable women are followed by bright colors, appropriate dress, clean hair, combined with perfect makeup on face, it is refreshing. Antenatal instruction of a good mental state and face, it can make the infection of the fetus in the womb is beauty and initial aesthetic ability.

Warm reminder: the key to beauty is neat , just have to look at the health of pregnant women, maintain a neat, the image must be substantially improved. Furthermore, pregnancies that were previously built is gone, but at the same time is a different kind of beauty.

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