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Polls show the United States most people think Obama will beat Mr Romney

Posted Oct 31 2012 7:39am

Israeli prime minister  Cheap Beats By Dre  netanyahu 30 tried to persuade the Arab countries, Israel launched military attack on Iran to the interests of the nation, which can eliminate the potential threat and ease tensions in the Middle East.

Netanyahu in accept French magazine "Paris competition news (Paris Match) when interviewing, express, the people of Israel, Iran will not attack like many critics warning that leads to regional tensions deterioration.

Netanyahu said, "(attack) five minutes later, I felt relieved feeling will spread to the Middle East, rather like the sceptics say that."

He also said, "Iran in the Arab world is not popular, not only so, the Middle East some government and its citizens understand, an Iran with nuclear weapons for them is very dangerous, not just to Israel so."

It is reported, netanyahu has several blended threats  Cheap Beats By Dre  against Iran's nuclear program, and had has called on both the United States and the United Nations on the Iranian nuclear issue set limit.

The United States and other western nations against netanyahu to Iran's nuclear issue set limit appeal, and urged him not to take military action, let diplomacy and sanctions have the opportunity to progress.

Reuters and ipsos 30 release daily tracking poll shows, the United States presidential election in a week before the election is still a conglutination state, but most of those surveyed think Obama will defeat republican presidential candidate mitt romney.

The online survey, Obama in May the voters approval rating at 47%, Mr Romney's approval rating at 46%. Since since the beginning of October, two per capita no obvious advantage.

In all the  cheap beats  surveyed registered voters, 53% of the people think that Mr Obama will win in November 6,'s election, but think Mr Romney will win the election ratio is only 29%. Most of registered voters also said they think Mr Obama will win in their respective states.

This and many analysts and experts of the same opinion polls. These people believe that barack Obama in the state elections have strategic advantages.

Obama in 22% of voters  cheap beats  voted also have the advantage. In this part the crowd, about 55% of the person have to vote for Obama, and claimed that vote for Mr Romney's 40%.

Ipsos poll experts Clark (Julia Clark, said the survey were not affected by the hurricane "sandy" significant effect, because only a few visit is in "sandy" 29 days after the attack of.

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