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Peanut Paranoia

Posted Jan 14 2009 8:47pm
Last Friday night was a Christmas party for my husband's work. It was a nice treat to have Grandma come and watch the boys and get away and not have to worry about the whole peanut thing. Or was it?

I told myself there would be peanuts at the party. What Christmas party doesn't have them? I reminded myself that Tyler was 20 minutes away. Nothing could happen. I wouldn't be eating any. But I still felt anxiety when dessert time came. I guess its just who I have become as a PA mom.

Before I got the chance to see what all sweets there would be, the hostess (a friend of mine) asked if I would help her put out a second dessert table. Of course, I agreed. She quickly handed me several big baggies and asked me to put the treats on plates.

I quickly reached my hand into the first bag, giving little regard for what it was. Then, as I pulled it out, I realized it was chocolate covered peanuts! I knew I couldn't stop my job (it would seem silly to those around, wouldn't it?). I just emptied them out as fast as I could. I didn't think to push my sweater sleeve up. So, it went into the bag, as well.

As I sat there eating, contemplating where all of the peanut residue could be, I was thoroughly enjoying a "haystack" cookie. I love these but have never made them. I heard the hostess of the party tell someone they had a little bit of peanut butter in them. Ahhh!! I had it in my mouth at that moment.

I knew the damage was done and I was one contaminated mom. I finished the cookie. Somehow it didn't taste as good after I knew what was in it. I kept telling myself not to touch my pants or my hair, which made me touch them even more it seemed.

In the end, I came home and took my clothes directly to the laundry room. I didn't want them to even be in the hamper. I felt like a mom who had committed a crime, despite my best efforts!

I'm happy to report, we were reaction free. It's amazing how crazy this whole peanut allergy thing can make us moms!
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