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Peanut Desensitization - My Take

Posted Mar 27 2009 10:55am
Thank you to everyone who contributed to our weekend discussion on the issue of peanut desensitization. I had planned to chime in with my opinion. Since I had a busy weekend and never got a chance, I thought it was worthy to make it my Monday post.

Overall, it seemed there was a very positive feeling among my readers for this therapy. I completely agree. For our family, this sounds like it could make a real difference. One reason I was so sad about Tyler's tree nut diagnosis is because I know the peanut desensitization will not make him food allergy free or prevent his need for an Epi Pen wherever he goes. But is a giant leap in the right direction.

I understand those who do not feel comfortable with the therapy. It is, after all, giving your child peanuts. How long have us PA parents had it drummed in our heads to avoid the smallest trace of peanuts or else?

But I trust the research in this area. I trust our allergist when he talks about the faith he has in the treatment. I trust it enough to allow Tyler to participate.

In fact, I told our allergist I am ready today. He seems to think it won't be terribly long before the treatment is available in our area. He has over 500 patients with a peanut allergy. There will a lot of us considering it, I'm sure. But my mind is made up!

If you haven't contributed to the discussion on this issue, I would love to hear your thoughts. You can do so here.

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