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Peanut Allergies & Health Insurance

Posted Jan 18 2012 1:49pm
When your child has a peanut allergy things like health insurance become all that much more important.

I distinctly remember when Tyler was rushed to the hospital by ambulance in 2008 being very aware and thankful that we had such great insurance. Cost was the last thing on our minds. We were able to focus solely on his health and what we had to do to keep him healthy and peanut free in the future.

Health insurance has changed a lot in the last few years. If you want to start a hot debate among your friends, just mention the words “health insurance” and let the sparks fly.

It’s downright scary what some people are facing with their health insurance. I can’t imagine if they are managing a peanut allergy on top of all of that. The thought of a parent having to take their focus of a life-threatening condition their child has for something that should be simple, and quite frankly, a given, is sad.

Thankfully there are some options out there that don’t leave people completely out in the cold. Can you imagine having a child with a peanut allergy and having no health insurance? That would be awful. is the answer when traditional health insurance isn’t available.

You hear horror stories about private insurance, but there really are some low cost health insurance rates that come with it. With some simple online research, you can find some decent rates that make health insurance less of a burden.

Finding the right insurances allows you to put the focus back where it should be: keeping your child safe and peanut free.

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