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Paul led the five must guard the Ross less d on the list

Posted Mar 15 2013 6:18am

On November 14, motel out for the first time by the rockets to devolve to the NBA (weibohe NBA0820790 people in the audience+ listening is to listen to

The latest news on March 15th 08:49# NBA# according to U.S. media reports, the celtics all-star Kevin garnett recently in an interview with the Boston local media revealed that he had rejected the green unlined upper garment army trading her decision, in addition I want Cheap Kobe 7 to stay in the green unlined upper garment army to retirement, there is a deeper reason, it is difficult to give up of brotherhood with Pierce. More development league, it is also in valley viper team starts to play the two games, averaged 24 points and 9.5 rebounds. Among the development league opener, motel out in 36 minutes, scored a team-high 31 points, there are eight rebounds. After this motel is out in the first world war ii contributed 17 points and 11 rebounds after recalled on November 26th.After being recalled, the motel out on behalf of the rockets played three games against the raptors, thunder and spurs, but there is no score. In Beijing time on December 15, the rockets once again announced the second time this season to motel exercise out down to the development league, with a reassignment and terrence Jones. After the second is issued, the motel out again on behalf of the valley viper played two games, in Beijing time on December Cheap Kobe VII 16 and 17, respectively against long beach of jam and array of Texas legend, motel yunus scored 20 points and 12 rebounds and 26 points and 12 rebounds.Over the course of development league, played four games, motel yunus averaged 23.5 points and 23.5 rebounds, and shows the great power and status. Now, the rockets inside besides o cassivellaunus, Greg Smith is available, but the latter power forward height does seem short on the defensive side of things. Motel out of the back, no doubt, can let the coach Kevin McHale on both ends are more abundant choice.As Lithuania basketball hope, motel yunus inherits the traditional European player, and solid paint technology, good touch feeling, its the height 2 meters 13 also let its a deterrent on the defensive end, but it is still a bit thin body, is still the need to increase. In the futureTime in Beijing on September 29, the wizards announced wall due to stress the Kobe 7 USA kneecap fracture and will be out for at least eight weeks, or will be absent from the regular season first ten games. Theo wants to help the team to win on the pitch, but now he play risk including could destroy his career, so he had no other choice, now he only sat on the sidelines, until completely restored to health.In New York on Saturday, he visited the famous knee specialist David albers, the third time he hin d injectable, in order to reduce the discomfort of his left knee. In addition, the wall also was told that can enhance basketball related activities. "My face appeared smile more, a little bit more than before, isn't it?" He said, his attitude is optimistic and cautious.In a recent interview, he admitted his left foot knee cartilage injury, not j Kobe 7 Big Bang ust stress the kneecap fracture, so more speculation, including: he can return to this season? "I haven't thought of it like that before." Theo says, "I hope my rest, shooting training and therapy can help me to restored to health, can help me to play this season. I don't want to miss the entire season, but when it comes to the season, it can't, but I don't want to that."Before the knee pain and swelling of elimination, theo is not allowed for the team training, also are not allowed to increase the volume. Said his hope on Thursday or Friday will feel better, so that they can for a wider range of shooting training. "That must be a good one million." Theo says, "there's so much pain before, even can't running. Things are getting better and better now, I have been allowing some light training, hope this is good start."As the 2010 draft, theo career averages to 16.3 points, 8.2 assists, 8.2 rebounds and 1.4 steals, and without him this season, the wizards have only 3 about 18, this is the worst team in the history of 21 record before the start of the season.

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