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Posted Dec 22 2008 5:38pm

After a meeting last night, I was talking with a few other moms about homeopathy. I discovered that homeopathy is a healing method that uses substances that cause symptoms in a healthy person to resolve symptoms in a sick person.  

After doing a bit of research I’ve found that the healing technique doesn’t claim to cure true food allergies (those that have proven to cause anaphylaxis) but it does claim to strengthen the immune system and possibly reduce severe reactions.

Proponents of homeopathy for true food allergies express the need to treat the immune system.  Homeopathic healers believe that repeated reactions exhaust the immune system. This exhaustion then leads to a depletion of nutrients in the body thus making food allergic persons more susceptible to illness.

I searched the internet to find the exact regiment a homeopathic doctor would prescribe to increase the immune system functioning of a food allergic person. I couldn’t find anything online. The recommendations from the internet I found were to see a homeopathic specialist and get an individualized treatment plan. 

The main reason that I have not yet explored homeopathic therapies is because many of the therapies have not been scientifically evaluated. I worry about the safety of some of the products and even the processing of the products.  Are these remedies manufactured in dedicated facilities, are they produced on shared equipment, would I recognize the scientific names of nuts within the herbal formulas, or could I do more harm then good? 

The idea of eastern medicine, inductive reasoning or observation being used to explore a wide range of therapies for illness seems promising to me. 

Recently as I read through the scientific studies for food allergies I’ve become less satisfied with the conflicting conclusions. Is it because I ate nuts during my pregnancy or is it because I didn’t eat enough nuts during my pregnancy that he is so severely allergic. There are studies to support both hypotheses.  

I’m guilt ridden, confused and looking to move on. Is homeopathy a route we will take until there is a cure? I’m not sure, but what I am sure of is that we are going to be exploring our options.

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