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Organic Food for Kids with Allergies

Posted Jan 07 2013 12:04am

My daughter loved strawberries. Everytime she took a bite, she broke out in hives. A few days later her eczema appeared. I was at a dead end. One fine day I let her take a bite of a peeled strawberry. And Voila !! The hives didnt happen. The eczema did appear after a few days. Her Allergist mentioned she has “Delayed Hypersensitivity”. As a “Google Mom” I learnt after reading half a dozen medical research publications that kids worldwide did react less to allergies on an Organic Diet. The reason is attributed to the reduced use of Chemicals, GMOs and Waxes on a fruit to increase Economic Yield and Consumer Perception. I decided to pay a few more cents and drive an extra mile to bring a smile to my child’s face as I capture the moment with her STRAWBERRY lips. Now she can eat a wide variety of Fruits including RED GRAPES, her second favorite fruit.

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