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one enlarged palatine tonsil

Posted by tonsillena

6 weeks ago, I went to see an allergist and immunologist for hives and seasonal allergies. She noticed both tonsils were inflamed but one more so. It was actually the size of a quarter. I felt fine. I had recently used latex earplugs and been in air conditioning which in the past, has led to ear itching and infection on the same side as the enlarged tonsil. The day after the appointment, I noticed both tonsils were red with small yellow spots and both ears had pressure and had a little loss of appetite. No pain like tonsillitis but fullness when swallowing ( long history of strep, tonsillitis, post nasal drip, allergic rhinitis and mouth breathing. two years ago normal throat. In feb did have another rt ear infection and took ciprodex ear drops. The tonsil problem noted june 24th. Had a chest ex-ray negative, no other lymph nodes in the head and neck are swollen, no fever, no more hives since I switched from benedryl to claritin and quit taking advil or aspirin. Saw an ent- he said my lingual tonsils were also swollen. Internist gave antibiotics and anti-fungals which took the rt tonsil from a 3 to a 2. now I am on nasonx to see if it will help with inflammation from allegic rhinitis. the ent thinks this is the problem and says the one tonsil may never go down. I did have a feeling of pressure in rt ear, and a muscular type pain that occured about 4 times and a pain down my carotid (4times) and in the lymph on right side of the neck and lump feeling around the hyoid bone when I swallow- I have hashimotos and scar tissue on the right side of my throat. Endocrinoligist and two ents don't feel it is lymphoma because it is not hard etc etc, but one ent said he is 90% sure , I would need a tonsillectomy to be 100% sure. I definitely is not bigger and is a bit smaller. Should I have the tonsillectomy at 40? Will it improve my nasal allergies or make my lingual tonsils more prone to inflammation?
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