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On November 13,, Qingdao 211 bus driver to know and Cheap Beats By Dre usual

Posted Dec 26 2012 7:39am

The winter in Qingdao, the sea breeze blows, but 211 bus occurred in the tender feeling scene, but let the days is located the warm.

On November 13,, Qingdao 211 bus driver to know and Cheap Beats By Dre  usual up very early and began to a day's work. 7 when 38 points, in the master has run the first ring road, the road to the second circle dunhua road elementary school to the station. His feet on the brakes, waiting for the passenger. Will close the door, the name has been normal before driving the bus driver, suddenly held with both hands go immediately sat slumped in the driver's seat.

Surveillance video shows, aware of his sudden disease, was stamped on the brakes to know, in coma former pull the overhand brake, stop the vehicle stability, so as to ensure the vehicle more than 40 passengers safety.

Reporters from the video monitoring on see, after the disease in teacher expression pain, from time to time, and shook his head, and a few times to pick up the phone dial the telephone, but failed to dial out. That driver sudden illness, a wear red winter coat of middle-aged female passengers leave the door place crowded to the cab, ask in the master, and quickly from the bag and took out a medicine bottle, to master ate two grain of loading JiuXinWan.

Beside a few passengers have surrounded, of which a young female passengers to pick up the phone quickly dialed 120 emergency phone call, a backpack guy but also ran to the nearby pharmacy bought medicine, the other a young female passengers joint too teacher phone, hurriedly open directory, contact to know family and the unit leadership.

7 when 56 minutes, the ambulance arrived, at that time has no perception in the master was rushed to the site from near Qingdao fortune recourse international hospital cardiovascular disease. Surveillance video shows, waiting for an ambulance 18 minutes, the name red female passengers always keep lies in teacher side, a hand in the teacher, the other hand to help him massage forehead. Several other passengers also around bridge side, some call, some inquiry condition...

After the event, in the teacher's sister told reporters, "at that time my brother driver's seat shiver all over, consciousness not awake, these a few passengers thought he had a heart attack, so to him to eat the organic JiuXinWan. They played after 120, and from my brother's cell phone was found on my telephone dozen come over, back to his unit dozen telephone."

To know the master in the Qingdao bus group bus company car seven team captain LiTao tells a reporter, the team colleagues at 8 o 'clock to dunhua road elementary school to the station, at that time in teacher has been taken to a hospital, to participate in the rescue a few passengers left field.

Qingdao fortune recourse international hospital a wang doctor tells a reporter, in the teacher just to the hospital when blood pressure has reached 240/130 MMHG, belongs to the extremely high risk of high blood pressure, a precarious life. Fortunately hospital promptly, fortune recourse international hospital organized experts to rescue, to know condition slowly calmed, blood pressure while it is on the high side, but has fallen to dangerous within value.

The day more than 10 o 'clock in the morning, to know gradually regained consciousness in the hospital. "Morning everything good, ran to the dunhua road they don't know cheap dr dre beats what's the matter, suddenly feel dizzy, is so painful that soon could not support." Recalled the breathtaking scene, lying in bed in know to tell a reporter, the body suddenly appeared condition, due to the pain of his consciousness also started to fuzzy, but think of and a full car passenger, considering their security, he carry the body, the right hand touched hand brake, and then with difficulty pulling up hand brake, let the bus stop at the side of the road.

The name of the driver, 49, tells a reporter, oneself has opened 15 years bus, although usually blood pressure is a little bit high, but always pay great attention to, in early November regular physical examination didn't find any questions, "the accident is really unexpectedly, don't know whether passengers was frightened. I want cheap dre beats to was in the passengers say sorry, I hope I didn't hold up their work, travel more hope not scared to them." While lying in bed, in master heart still miss the passengers.

Although at present in teacher's condition has been stable, but his lover liu still infinity: "it's pick back to a life, the doctor said to delay a 5 minutes, 10 minutes, is likely to cause cerebral apoplexy, then really unimaginable." Liu told reporters, "the community or the good man, really thank those who save old in a life of passengers!"

"Life is really tit for tat, just in the last month of the same day, we the team has had a driver cheap beats rescued passengers life, this time, change come over, passengers saved our driver life." Know to know, car seven team party branch secretary ZhangQing regrets ground say.

Originally, oct. 13 13 when 40 points, the 74 - year - old Mr Zhao take bus 211. Go home, suddenly fell in the seat constantly tic, incontinence of urine. The driver zhao masters immediately stop, quickly find the old man children contact information and notify the scoop out immediately to the hospital, and then the permission of the passengers agree, driving to the nearest hospital from site, and wait for in the first aid workers in a "rescue relay". After the rescue, more than a hour after, Mr Zhao out of danger.

The driver reluctantly parking, passenger buchibuqi story by local media reported, many netizens caused concern and discussion. Some net friend to know the master of professional dedication and sense of responsibility to express the respect and called him "the Qingdao best driver", at the same time also netizens were passengers to battle righteousness touched, they said "human own warmth in".

"Bus driver working pressure is big, treatment general. As a has been driving 15 years old driver, you give young people to make an example, you conscientious, first time thinking about passenger's professional spirit is worth us studying." Standing in the hospital bed ago, Qingdao bus group youth corps committee secretary wang Lin to know to express the respect.

During be in hospital, to know the master and his family have a worry - they head two days could not find the several forthcoming passengers. "They get old at that time is in the telephone call home and unit, do intact after the event, they left, so we don't know the man who is. And other old discharged from hospital, we must go to look around the city road, in the face of a thank those kind person!" In master love said.

November 15,, in the local media efforts, zealous salvage to know the master

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