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Ok, so most of the time I cook f ...

Posted Jan 11 2009 6:01pm

Ok, so most of the time I cook for my family. But there are times when for one reason or another, it just doesn’t happen. (like today when I needed to go to the grocery store but there was a real,bonafied thunder storm in Southern California…it reminded me of growing up in South Florida) So I keep some stuff in my pantry that is safe for my son on these occasions. I was looking at my options and decided to try Namaste Foods Say Cheez. In the past I have found different varieties of Mac and Cheez that were free of soy,peanuts,eggs,wheat and dairy. Most of them were very strong smelling(not like cheese either) and Jackson refused to eat them. I had bought the Namaste variety in the hopes that it would be different, but then didn’t make it for fear that it would smell nasty and Jackson wouldn’t eat it. Today I opened it and made it. It was pretty easy to make (boil the pasta, heat three tablespoons of oil and one tablespoon of water and mix with cheez packet and then combine drained pasta and cheez sauce). The first thing that I noticed is that it didn’t smell bad and the rice noodle elbows were cute. I mixed it all together and tried a bite, and I must admit that while it is no blue box mac and cheese, it was pretty good.

So I sat my little 20 month old boy down in his booster seat and placed the Say Cheez in front of him. Then I waited. He took his spork and speared a couple of noodles and he swallowed them and then he put the spork down and started eating them by the fistful! In fact, he ate the small portion that I gave him and when he was done he handed me the bowl. I started to clean him up but he wanted more! So I gave it to him……

This is a shining review for Namaste…. :-)

By the way, the Namaste pasta comes in two other flavors: Pasta Pisavera (Jackson has tried this one in the past and likes it) and Taco Shells (I can’t seem to find this one so if you have tried it, leave me a comment….)

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